How to Have Safe Sex During a Pandemic

This is our guide to staying satisfied during the lockdown.

Our current lockdown has raised a lot of questions about intimacy, sex, and relationships. Many of us are wondering what’s acceptable and what’s not, and, importantly, what kind of lockdown sex can we have during a pandemic?

We’ve answered all your questions about safe sex during the pandemic, so you can be responsible and keep sexual satisfaction high.

Is it safe to have lockdown sex? What’s allowed?

Recent studies have shown that you can’t get coronavirus from the exchange of sexual fluids alone (like you can an STI) - but this doesn’t mean our sex lives can continue as normal.

Intimate couple cuddling in bed

What with all the heavy breathing, kissing, and physical intimacy sex involves, lockdown sex with people outside your household goes against the social distancing rules in place across the world. So that sexy stranger you hooked up with before lockdown began? Sorry, but you probably can’t see them until this all blows over.

For totally safe sex during the pandemic, you should only be having lockdown sex with a partner you live with, and (again, unfortunately) not hooking up with strangers.

But don’t wave goodbye to your sex life just yet!

How to satisfy those cravings and enjoy safe sex during the pandemic.

Use technology to enjoy lockdown sex with a faraway lover.

If you haven’t yet explored phone sex, sexting, or skype sex, now’s the time to start, because they are perfect ways of having safe sex during the pandemic. If you have a lover you don’t live with and who you trust, initiate a sexy conversation, and see where it takes you! Lockdown sex can happen without breaking any social distancing rules, and it’s definitely fun.

Woman in bed on the phone

Sexting is a fun way to maintain excitement when you’re far away from your partner. Find a time when you’re both free and start talking! You can relive previous sexy encounters, or describe what you want to do to each other when this is all over… it will build a lot of sexual tension, trust us.

Check our ultimate sexting guide for more help on successful sexting.

Phone, Skype, or video sex takes sexting to a whole new level. Again, find a time you’re both free and let the conversation take its natural sexy course… Safe sex during a pandemic doesn’t mean boring sex!

Remote controlled sex toys add another level of heat to sex during a pandemic. These toys allow one of you to use the toy while the other controls it from their home. They can turn it on and off and change the intensity, allowing you to feel sexually connected and like you’re still getting each other off.

Box of sex toys

Use these toys during sexting, phone, or video sex and you will hardly miss the physical contact at all.

Explore fetishes with your live-in or long-distance partner.

All these spare hours give us plenty of time to fantasize. So it’s a great time to dive into fetishes or fantasies you haven’t before had the time for, and make sure you have unforgettable post-lockdown sex.

If you live with your sexual partner, take all the time you’re spending together to talk about things you want to try. These could be role-play, BDSM, anal sex, tantric sex… or anything else! Sharing fantasies will make you and your partner more connected emotionally. And trying new things together could take your sex life in pleasantly surprising directions.

Reading erotic literature or watching an erotic movie together is also a good way to get yourselves curious together about new things, and will certainly put you in the mood.

Romantic couple in bed

If you don’t live with your lover, don’t worry. You can still explore your kinks over the phone! If you’re curious about BDSM, introduce this into your phone sex. Have one partner give orders to the other, which they must obey (or punishments will occur). Or go further by controlling their orgasm using a remote-controlled sex toy.

If video sex is your thing, try sexy outfits or props. When you finally see each other in person, you’ll be having sex that puts your pre-lockdown sex to shame.

Enjoy yourself!

How to have safe sex during a pandemic? Have sex with yourself! Solo-pleasure is integral to a successful sex life. If we don’t know how to get ourselves off, how can we expect our lovers to know? Plus, orgasms are good for our health!

Use your free time to try a homemade sex toy, explore your erogenous zones, discover multiple orgasms, and delve into new fetishes. Think of one new thing you can introduce into your solo pleasure time this week, explore it, and think about how you can use it to boost pleasure with a partner. Future you will thank you!

Reading erotic fiction or watching sexy movies are also good ways to relax, get yourself in the mood, and get sexually inspired.

Happy woman waking up

Are you feeling more hopeful about lockdown sex?

Just because daily life has come to a standstill doesn’t mean your sexual satisfaction has to. If you use this time wisely to reflect on and practice what gets you off and what turns you on, you’ll watch yourself come out of lockdown cocoon like a fully evolved sexual butterfly.

Sounds good to us.