7 underrated erogenous zones for women - surprise your lover tonight.

How to turn a girl on? Let these female erogenous zones guide you to victory.

Most of us know the basic erogenous zones for women: the clitoris, the nipples, the G-spot… but is that all there is?

Definitely not!

The female body is packed with pressure points that, when touched right, can make a woman weak at the knees. Knowing where these erogenous zones are and how to stimulate them can be the difference between orgasm and no orgasm (and between a second date and no phone call).

But first,

What is an erogenous zone?

An erogenous zone is an area on the body that has extra sensitivity and that can, when touched, generate a sexual response. These areas tend to have a high concentration of nerve endings, and they are important when it comes to arousal, orgasm, and overall pleasure.

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There is no finite or exact list of erogenous zones for women. Our bodies are all different, and different things will always turn us on. There are, however, certain female erogenous zones that come top of the charts time and time again.

How to turn a girl on? Read on!

The basic erogenous zones for women.

There are a few female erogenous zones that you (hopefully) already know. Without these, it’s difficult, if not impossible, for women to reach the Big O.

  • Clitoris. Many believe stimulating the clit is the fastest way to make a woman orgasm. It has more nerve endings than the tip of the penis and is an essential female erogenous zone.
  • Vagina. Including the vagina opening, the cervix, and the G-spot. Like the clit, stimulation of the different parts of the vagina is a well-known road to orgasm.
  • Breasts. Nipple stimulation sets off pleasure sensors in the same region of the brain as the clitoris and vagina. No wonder it feels so good!
  • Lips. How to turn a girl on? Sometimes a good long kiss will do the trick.
  • Neck. Kissing, nibbling, and stroking at the nape of the next and the throat is a popular bedroom move for a reason. Alongside the breasts, ears, and lips, studies show that the neck is a very common non-genital erogenous zone for women.
Happy couple neck kissing

Yes, these basic erogenous zones for women are classics for a reason, but there are many overlooked parts of the female body that are worthy of attention too. And here they are!

7 lesser-known erogenous zones for women you need to know.

    Female ear close up
  • 1. Ears.

    Our ears have a whole load of nerve endings. Our ear lobes, in particular, contain a lot of blood flow. Lightly nibble your partner’s ears or run your fingers or tongue around the C-shaped outline of the ear for tantalizing sensation.

    Young woman holding her hair

    2. Scalp.

    Remember how good it feels when someone plays with your hair? Run your fingers through your partner’s hair and use your nails to lightly scratch, focussing on the area behind the ears and at the bottom of the scalp.

    Woman leg massage

    3. Inner thighs.

    This is one of those erogenous zones for women you’ve probably enjoyed without knowing it. Not only are a woman’s inner thighs very sensitive, but they are also seductively close to the genitals, meaning stimulating them builds tension. How to turn a girl on? Kiss your lover’s inner thighs and slowly move up their leg towards the vagina - enjoy watching them squirm.

    Woman showing her armpits

    4. Armpits.

    This is one of the more surprising erogenous zones for women, but it’s actually very popular! Armpits are incredibly sensitive (think about tickling!), and playing with your lover’s armpits is simultaneously sexy and playful.

    Young woman holding her stomach

    5. Lower stomach.

    More specifically, between the belly button and where the pubic hair starts. You can actually slightly stimulate the G-spot by massaging this area with your hands. Stroking, kissing, and licking also work in this sensitive area. Like the inner thighs, the stomach’s tantalizing proximity to the genitals means attention in this area will raise her arousal through the roof.

    Woman touching her hands and nails

    6. Hands.

    If anyone says erogenous zones for women are hard to find, just show them your hands!

    Our hands have lots of nerve endings, which is why hand massages feel so good. Hands are also very intimate body parts, so sometimes just touching someone else’s hands with yours can be a turn on for you both. Tracing a finger across and around your lover’s palm will get their heart racing. If the moment feels right, biting, sucking, and nibbling the fingertips feel good too.

    Woman showing her wrists and hands

    7. Inner wrists.

    This is not only a pulse point but is also highly sensitive and full of nerves. Lightly run your fingertips or nails up and down your lover’s inner wrist - it will almost tickle, and will excite their whole body. Touch on this area creates psychological excitement in some because our wrists are a vulnerable body part. If someone touches and controls them, we feel vulnerable and nervous (a good one for people with submissive sexual tendencies).

    Young woman smiling by window

    Many of these erogenous zones for women can be used as part of tantric sex or during masturbation as a way to get familiar with your own pleasure spots. When it comes to how to turn a girl on, touch, stroke, kiss, nibble, and lick as many of these areas as you can before going in for the main event (the genitals).

    If you want to know more about how to make a woman orgasm, check out our podcast episode. And stay keep an eye on our blog for our upcoming guide to male erogenous zones - because everyone deserves the most pleasure possible.