10 Homemade Sex Toys Everybody Should Use

How to enjoy homemade sex toys for women? Libido plus creativity.

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your love life, you might be tempted to get online and order the latest toy on the market. But stop right there! We’re going to let you in on a secret. You don’t have to shell out big bucks for a new sex toy, because there are homemade sex toys lying around your house just waiting to be found!

Woman hiding in bed

These homemade sex toys are all safe to use, easy to find, and guaranteed to hit your sweet spot. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a sex toy, here’s a tip: head to the fridge.

Here are ten of our favorite household items that double as homemade sex toys. Because you deserve satisfaction anywhere, any time, and for free.

1. The essential homemade sex toy: The showerhead

Is the same old masturbation routine getting a bit dull? Shake things up a bit! Next time you’re in the shower or the bath, take a second look at your shower head - it’s full of pleasurable potential! For best results, use the water jet to stimulate all around your vulva and clit. Experiment with the pressure and, if you want, you can enjoy this homemade sex toy with a partner.


2. Get jiggy with a cucumber

We’re all familiar with the sexy connotations of cucumber. Cucumbers are favorite homemade sex toys for women as they’re cheap, easy to find, and conveniently shaped like a dildo. Give it a clean, pop a condom on, and you’re good to go!

Pleasure with the Cucumber

3. Get frisky with a banana

Bananas are more than a good addition to cereal! Like cucumbers, they are shaped perfectly for female penetrative pleasure. How to make a sex toy? Sometimes you just need to pop on a condom and dive in.

Jerk off with a banana

4. Homemade sex toys for women are right in your pocket: Your phone!

Vibrators, those playthings that many of us depend upon, have a long history. Interestingly, just about everyone carries tiny homemade sex toys in their pockets. That’s right, your phone! There are lots of apps out there that will turn your phone into a vibrator. Just remember to clean it before and after. Using a silicone case is also advised.

Vibrating Apps turn phones into Sex Toys

5. Make toothbrushing time extra fun

You’re probably shy about walking into a store and buying a vibrator. Don’t worry, just check your bathroom for homemade sex toys! See that electric toothbrush? It’s a brilliant alternative to a vibrator. We recommend using it over the top of your panties to protect your private parts. Make sure to sanitize it before and after use!

Oh, and it’s best to avoid letting a friend borrow your vibrator - I mean, toothbrush.

Electric Toothbrush Sex Toy

6. Coconut oil: A safe, effective, and natural lube

Ladies, when the time comes around for your next orgasm (whether solo or with a partner), consider adding coconut oil to the mix! It’s a homemade sex toy that has all kinds of health benefits. It also tastes good and smells good! Unlike other lubes, coconut oil prevents and treats yeast infections - but be sure to buy the purest kind when you’re at the store.

Coconut Oil: A safe and Effective Lube

7. Get kinky with a necktie

You love tying down your lover. But, oh no, your cheap handcuffs have broken again! No worries, just rummage in your drawer, grab a necktie and get back to it! These are great for restraining wrists, feet, or blindfolding!

necktie sex toy

8. Homemade sex toys for women are in every room in your house: Try a spatula!

Perhaps you’re wondering what to do with a spatula. Do you love spanking? Then you’ll enjoy the kinky play and sensations you can create with this underestimated utensil! For most people, a rubber spatula feels better on their skin. For pros, harder material spatulas like wood are effective homemade sex toys too.

Spanking with the Spatula

9. Sexercise with a yoga ball

Girls, sexercising on the yoga ball is mind-blowing! Yoga balls let you and your partner get into weird and wonderful positions that will change penetrative sex for you, forever. You’ll also be getting a damn good workout. What’s not to like?

Sexercise with the yoga ball dildos

10. Pillows: A surprising homemade sex toy

During intercourse, a well-placed pillow can facilitate deeper penetration. Of course, pillows aren’t as hardcore as other homemade sex toys for women, but they are efficient! For solo-sessions, straddling and rubbing your genitals against a pillow can stimulate your clit in surprisingly pleasant ways.

pillows fpor masturbation

Want even more satisfaction? Check out these 2 bonus homemade sex toys


Mouthwash, especially the minty kind, can be used as a sensual homemade sex toy during oral sex. Gurgle some mouthwash before giving your partner oral sex, and watch them enjoy the extra tingly sensation down there. Plus - fresh breath!


The washing machine

Are washing machines really just giant vibrators? Yes! This homemade sex toy for women can be enjoyed by your partner too. Put on a load, make the top of the washing machine your sex-spot, and enjoy the vibration overload.

Washing machine

Sure, sometimes you’re in the mood for the latest XL-vibrating-multifunctioning-rabbit-dildo. But sometimes you’re in the mood for an orgasm with less fuss. And that’s where homemade sex toys for women come in!

Now you know about these secret weapons around your house, you’ll never go horny, or hungry, again.