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So, used panties are your thing? Join the club! The used panty fetish is one of the most common kinks in the world.

Pantydeal is an exclusive adult marketplace for buying and selling used panties. We are the largest marketplace of our kind, so we know all there is to know about buying used panties.

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How to buy used panties?

First, you need to sign up for your free Pantydeal account and come up with a username to keep your identity private. It’s free, simple, and quick.


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This takes minutes. Upload photos you want to be seen by other members and write a description of yourself, your interests, and even what kind of panties you’re looking for! You have complete control over your profile, so you don’t have to reveal personal information if you don’t want to.


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Once you’ve created your profile, you can start browsing our extensive marketplace. You can refine your search to easily find the perfect woman for you. When you find a seller who sparks your interest, start a conversation in our private chat. From here, you can agree on the payment and shipping methods that suit you. Make your payment, and wait for your used panties to arrive!

Why buy used panties on Pantydeal?


100% Anonymity

Some people want to keep their used panty fetish a secret. We get you. Your personal information is safe with us. You never have to share your real name or address to buy a pair of used panties. There are plenty of payment and delivery methods available that ensure your identity remains a secret.


Top-Quality Marketplace

Our review system lets buyers and sellers review each other honestly. This means sellers care about selling high-quality products. Browse the marketplace and only buy from reliable sellers with good reviews.


Sellers you can trust

Our verification systems are thorough. You can see whether a seller is verified, and when they are, you know the panties and women are the real deal. No false advertising!


It's easy and fast

Registration takes minutes. From there, you can instantly meet and chat with sellers. Say goodbye to aimlessly trolling the internet for used panties!


Thousands of stunning verified sellers

Pantydeal has thousands of sellers, with over 20,000 new women joining every month. With hundreds of sellers and panties in every category, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Check out their private stores and enjoy everything they have to offer. You can see whether a seller is verified, so you know the panties and women are the real deal.



All of our features are there to make buying used panties as easy as possible. Our search function allows you to quickly connect with the right sellers. Our private chat and homepage display online sellers so you can chat with women instantly. You can become friends with or follow users to see their latest photos, videos, and products.


Exciting Possibilities

For many Pantydeal members, used panties are their passion. Pantydeal is more than a marketplace - it’s a community. It’s a space for sexual exploration and meeting like-minded people. And you don’t have to stop at buying used panties! On our platform, you can buy other used items as well as erotic photos, videos, and chats that are available nowhere else.

Buy used panties!

Deciding to buy used panties is one thing, but finding a site where you can do it quickly, simply, and with total anonymity is another. The range of features on our site means you can be sure you get the product you ordered and your identity stays secret.

Registration is free and fast. Before you know it you can chat with sellers, buy your first pair of panties and wait for them to arrive at your door. Easy!

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There are dozens of features for members to enjoy after free registration. Stay anonymous: we never share data with third parties, and none of your personal details are visible to other users. An active and busy marketplace: with over 1,000,000 buyers and sellers already registered on Pantydeal, don't miss the chance to join an exciting community and increase your income.


Pantydeal Understands Your Used Panty Needs

We love fetish. In fact, we’re panty fetish experts! We also love adventure, excitement, and sex. That’s why at Pantydeal we celebrate your love of used panties by making it easy for you to enjoy the object of your desire.
We understand the appeal of used panties. What could be more tempting than the intimate scent of a gorgeous woman? What could be better than holding the panties of a sexy lady in your hands?

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On our site, you can browse through hundreds of women who are excited to sell you their used panties. Our marketplace has every type of seller, scent, and panty imaginable. Whatever your taste, there’s a panty out there for you.
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Pantydeal is the biggest community of its kind. Browse our active marketplace and buy used panties from gorgeous women around the world. With thousands of panty sellers and new sign-ups every day, you’ll find the panties you dream about. Our sexy community with over 1 000 000 members is waiting for you. Sign up for free here.