Frequently Asked Questions

Pantydeal is an exclusive community and marketplace where people can enjoy their sexual fantasies, including buying and selling used panties.
Access our marketplace by creating an account and choosing whether you want to sell or buy used panties. Then start enjoying yourself! Register here

Yes, your privacy is important to us. You only need to provide your email address and username during registration. No private information is visible to other community members. We advise you not to use your real name as your username.
No. You can see your email address when you access your profile, but no one else can. We value the privacy and security of our members so we have taken steps to prevent scammers, fraudulent users, and ordinary community members from seeing your private details.
Your privacy is our priority, so your personal information will be erased after you delete your account. We keep a minimal set of data for security purposes, which includes your registration information.
You have full control over your privacy settings. By default, your profile and items are only visible to other Pantydeal members. You can choose whether you want only friends or both friends and guests to be able to view your profile. People not logged in to Pantydeal can’t see members’ profiles. You can choose to add a social picture that will be visible to people who are not Pantydeal members. Click here to know more..
On Pantydeal, you are in complete control of what pictures you upload. Many sellers run their businesses without showing their faces.
Pantydeal is a marketplace where our members sell or buy their products. We are not directly involved in any transactions between users, so you don't pay any commission on your transactions.
Start selling by creating your profile and advertising items. On Pantydeal you have your own store where you can list your items, photos, videos, and more. We offer easy tools so you can contact clients and explore our social network features. To get unlimited access to all features on Pantydeal you have to upgrade to a Premium account.
Panytdeal is a marketplace where our members sell or buy products. We are not involved in any transactions between users. Pantydeal sellers negotiate directly with buyers regarding shipping and payment methods. The best way to stay anonymous is to set up an email address and a P.O. Box separate from your personal one for this particular use. There are some common payment methods our members use such as PayPal, Amazon gift card, Cash App, and Venmo. If you already have a PayPal account, you can easily connect additional email addresses to this account. We suggest asking for payment from buyers before sending your products.
Sellers and buyers negotiate directly regarding payment methods and shipping. The best way to protect your privacy is to set up an email address and P.O. Box for this particular purpose.
Pantydeal credits are used for gifting stickers to other members. Please note that Pantydeal credits carry no cash value and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash.
Pantydeal has several systems designed to prove users are who they say they are. These include phone number, photo, and video verification. Sellers who complete verification will have a badge on their profile so you know they are authentic. You will also find reviews from previous buyers describing their experience on sellers’ profiles. Additionally, we check our Premium seller profiles by hand to ensure that what you get is real.
We care about your privacy and discretion. Nothing related to our website will appear on your card or bank statement. Only the name of our payment provider and your subscription ID may appear.

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