fetish trend in money slaves

 fetish trend in money slaves New Fetish Trend in Moneyslaves

As online fetishes become more and more unsurfaced, one such trend has been sneaking its way into mainstream porn for quite some time. This fetish is that of the "money slave," where a user is told to pay for various commodities. This fetish falls under the Femdom category, that is, Feminine Domination. There are many notable trends in the money slave fetish, and it continues to seep its way into the mainstream.

Instructional masturbation videos are found abundantly on every major porn network. These videos typically contain a woman addressing the viewer in varying situations, ultimately with the goal of giving instructions on how to fulfill themselves. Some of these videos are playful, while some edge more towards the extreme. However, there is a rising trend of Femdom "money slave" videos being passed off onto unsuspecting viewers. As the search results show, they may have enjoyed it and gone back for more.

These videos typically start with a basic premise, and as they get more "into the action," the woman will instruct that they are quickly becoming hers. They are under her spell, and with the release of their pleasure, she now owns them. In order to please her, or to make her continue, they should devote their thanks and obedience in the form of payments. Amazon wish lists, direct deposits, and other forms of flattery are among the most commonly traded items.

Initiation videos, commonly found on mainstream sites, are considered an introduction into the world of the money slave. Most of the more professional, personalized, and engaging videos will not be available unless access is given. Access is typically given with payment, submission, or other declarations of devotion.

While the man is "bound" to his goddesses requests, this fetish is only made possible by both parties cooperation. How does one become enticed into this world of payments, submission, and cuckolding? While many have their own reasons, it is clear that the trend brings the majority a vast amount of pleasure.

As one of the major Doms to have crossed over, Isabella Valentine is known as the first sexual hypnotist to have broken into the mainstream. Her recordings were shared across the web, through Reddit and the like, where her name became synonymous with erotic hypnoses. However, there had been an entire thriving online community of hypnosis fetishists long before she was found. Entire fetish websites, chatrooms, and trading posts for people to share recordings of all creeds. What was the most searched upon and downloaded of these fetish recordings? Those that dealt with the money slave were the sought upon, and they are still desired today.

Threads worshipping the goddess of their choice, these men have found a passion that extends beyond the mere virtual realms of porn. The videos and recordings break the 4th wall of pornography, and directly introduce the viewer into the action. In fact, the viewer is the action itself, as without his direct response, the videos becomes null and meaningless.

In order for these videos to properly become sensual, fulfilling, and pleasurable enough for consideration, one does have to devote their time, money, and ego, in order to become part of it all. The recording becomes personalized after the gifts are given, and the viewer can relish in the delight that he has earned this pleasure. He is not given this pleasure easily, though, and the challenge of holding back desires and the energy spent on giving gifts makes the end result that much more fulfilling. As the cigarette smoker enjoys nicotine that much more after a long break, the money slave feels a stronger release after having been put through hell. Or, as close to hell as these videos take them.

The money slave trend has not come out of nowhere, and has been thriving on the internet underground since the very beginning of fetishism. Hypnosis videos, instructional videos, and even text-files have become part of the trend. The fetish is perpetuated by a desire to be submissive, and to experience discomfort or pain in exchanged for heightened pleasure. The more the money save spends, the more time he devotes to his goddess of choice, the more tension he builds inside of him as he waits for her command, the greater the final release is when she commands him to obey.

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