The foot fetish

1 in 7 people have a foot fetish

Surprised? We’re not! Feet are sexy, sensual, and full of pleasurable nerve endings, which is why foot massages feel so amazing - and erotic. Learn all about foot fetishism here.

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One of the most popular fetishes: feet.

People can get sexual excitement from almost anything. When this excitement comes from an object that is considered outside the“normal”, it is called a fetish. For some, their fetish is voyeurism, for others, it’s used panties, and for a large percentage of the population (around 1 in 7 people), it’s feet!

There are many factors. According to science, the part of our brain that responds to genital stimulation is close to the part that responds to feet stimulation. Meaning? Our brains might connect the kind of sexual excitement we get from genitalia with feet, which can turn feet into an incredibly erotic body part.

In recent decades, feet have become trendy. It is so common, in fact, that many celebrities have openly admitted to having a thing for feet. Jack Black, Brooke Burke, Marilyn Mason, Quentin Tarantino, and Elvis all famously have a foot fetish - just watch a Tarantino film to see for yourself!

Feet are a sensual body part.

When you think about it, the popularity of feet fetishism, otherwise known as podophilia, makes sense. Lots of people think feet are beautiful - especially when they belong to someone they find attractive. And there are few things more romantic than a foot massage from a lover.

Feet are also a powerful sensory body part, which is why foot massages feel so good! Paying attention to and touching a lover’s feet during sex can bring new pleasurable sensations - just ask a foot fetishist! It’s no wonder people who are turned on by giving pleasure to others would be turned on by pleasuring their partner’s feet.

Know the phrase “worshipping at someone’s feet”? Because attending to someone else’s feet is considered a lowly act, feet fetishism is linked to sexual dominance and submission. It’s not uncommon for sexual submissives to get pleasure from kneeling at and adoring their partner’s feet, or even letting themselves be used as a footrest!

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Every foot fetish is different

Every foot lover enjoys their fetish in a different way. For some, all they need to do is look at a clothed or naked foot to feel excitement. Other fetishists prefer licking or sucking feet as part of sexual play or even using feet to stimulate their own or their partner’s erogenous zones. Other fetishists, those who enjoy a bit of mystery, prefer to look at a covered foot so they can let their imagination have fun deciding what lies underneath...

Foot porn has been around and viewed for over 30 years - and it’s very popular!


Shoes fetish

Got a thing for shoes? Well, many feet fetishists do too. Heels have been known to arouse men for years. These fetishists tend to have a thing for shoes, as well as socks, and nylons, because certain footwear frames and flatters feet, and they are in close physical proximity to feet. Each foot fetishist will have a different style of shoe and foot that turns them on.

Some like long toes, others, high arches. Some prefer slender feet, others, wider feet. Some prefer certain types of manicure or nail polish colors, others, a more natural look. Attractive foot accessories, like toe rings, ankle bracelets, and jewels can also arouse a foot fetishist.

There are many ways feet fetishists explore their desires

There are plenty of places a person can satisfy their sexual appetite for feet. Alongside incorporating feet into sexual activities, foot fetishists can enjoy just looking at or touching their lover’s feet.

The internet is full of spaces where fetishists can access videos and pictures of feet. And there are many chatrooms and online fetish communities dedicated to the enjoyment of feet fetishes - and there’s no better place to talk dirty about feet than there!

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