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How to make your own Website Start your own Panty Website

After approximately nearly 2 decades of being an Internet, web based world, it’s amazing that there are still a large number of businesses, and people in the world without a website, and the question about how to make your own website for free is as common today as it ever was.

Making a website can be a complex task, or it can be relatively straight forward and quite easy. It really depends a lot on what you want in the end product. This is where you need to do some planning beforehand to ascertain why you want a website, and what you want it to achieve for you. Unfortunately many people get drawn into having a website of their own without a lot of thought. They are mesmerized by the thought of having ‘themselves’ on the world wide web, and easily fall for the sales pitch of having a glitzy, glamorous, flashy site, that costs them a small fortune. In reality, these types of sites can be great when as a ‘brochure’ representation of your business, however they are often structured and built in such a way, that you will never ever find them on the web if you were to search for people in their business industry in Google.

So What Should You Do?

Knowing how to create your own website for free is great if you already have the skillset, and it is entirely possible to achieve this (with the right platform) provided you aren’t technically challenged, and don’t like computers. There are quite a number of free web based web site building tools, and template systems available on the market, and to the novice, the choice can be daunting. Whilst these may appear to be awesome for people with limited website building skills, they often utilise something called WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) which is akin to creating a word document in a word processor. What you create on the page in front of you, and then save into these web building tools, is what you’ll see on the actual web page.

How to make your own website for free – Is it best to always go with Free?

The ‘create your free website’ systems are always made very simple to use, but most often the problem with them is that they provide you with a website address based around their own site. For example; if you wanted a site about selecting the best dog breed, instead of having a site like, you would probably end up with a site like The problem with this type of web address, is that you are entirely beholding to the main site ‘”. If they change their policies, or decide to start charging for their services, or worst- go out of business, then you are left in no man’s land, with no choices, and no real options. Whereas if you had your own your own domain name address (something like then you have complete control over your own online ‘real estate’, which means no one can change the rules on you, and you can be in full control of what you do with the site, or even if you decide to on sell it at a later date for a tidy profit (known as ‘website flipping’).

If you agree that it’s best to be in full control of your site (which we believe is the wisest thing to chose- especially if you want to build yourself an online business) but you still want to know how to make a website for free, then the platform most widely chosen as the preferred option on the web today is what is known as ‘self hosted wordpress’ which is able to be freely downloaded from ‘’. This seriously would be the best way to go.

There are a number of blogging platforms (which include, however, these all fall into the situation where you have no control. Sure, it may be free to setup, and run, but your long term online business value is practically nil, as the ultimate control of all your time, effort, and work is in someone else’s hands. Think of it as selling a rental tenancy, versus selling an actual property.

The Best Decision – How to Make Your Own Website For Free – Using

If you decide to go down the track, then there are a number of wordpress video training tutorials, (if you’re a complete novice) that you could check out on You Tube that will enable you to get a reasonable grasp on how to get started with your first website, or you could get the full wordpress video tutorial course here that covers everything from start to finish. All it really takes is an investment of about an hour of your time to learn the wordpress basics, enough so you can easily get the basics of a website online.

Like many of the other how to make your own website for free website builders, and free blogging platforms, available online, (which are definitely all free to setup and operate) the platform is also free to download, setup, and build your own custom website in it’s basic format, however, there is some nominal cost associated with running sites. That’s because you’ll need a domain name of your own, and you’ll need to find someone to host that domain name and website for you. These costs invariably aren’t expensive, $10 approximately for a domain name, and around $10 per month to have your site hosted (incidentally, the hosting cost will often allow you host an ‘unlimited’ number of sites, so it can work out really cheap, if you end up hosting a number of sites)

How to Make Your Own Website For Free – Where to From here?

Have a good look around this site, you’ll find lots of recommended resources (some free, some not) that will definitely enable you to build the best website for your needs, for very little (if any) outlay, and along the way help you to learn some basic html coding, and perhaps some other minor technical coding, which should stand you in good stead for helping you to understand (particularly if you wish to have your website rank well in the Search Engines) that the best platform and system for you to make your own website for free, or as near to free as possible really is the (loved by Google) blogging platform

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