10 Rules for a Winning Used Panty Marketing Strategy

10 Rules for a Winning Used Panty Marketing Strategy 10 Rules for a Winning Used Panty Marketing Strategy

Pantydeal offers a number of marketing tools which assist sellers to reach out to the huge number of panty buyers. Here are some of the best panty selling marketing strategies for you.

1. Wear your underwear, get it juicy and wear the next pair of undies right away


In order to fetch higher prices on your used panty, you need to make a habit of wearing your panties and getting them juicy, one after the other. This ensures that your used panties have a distinct level of scent which most panty sniffers love and will be willing to pay more for them.

2. Identify your target customer, find out what he wants from you in all aspects


When employing any marketing strategy, the first step is to identify your target group and in this case, it is the huge number of used panty buyers available on the site. Furthermore, the identification of your target audience means that you will be able to know what they like and want he wants from you with respect to your used underwear selling business.

3.  Don’t be like an amateur. Be a professional when it comes to contacts with customers


Selling used underwear means that at some point, you will be receiving specific requests from your customers and some of these requests might be not what you are willing to do. Handling such kinds of requests require professionalism as you wouldn't want to lose customers because of acting amateurish when responding to the requests, especially when creating photos or videos of yourself.

4.  Carve out market niches in the used underwear business


Being a panty seller means that you need to be open minded. This will be very useful in the identification of market opportunities and craving out a market niche in the used underwear business. In most cases, having certain fetishes like wearing the panties to the gym or masturbating in the pants could help you boost your sales.

5. Price your used underwear to be competitive, not too high and not too low

Pricing plays an important role when it comes to the determination of profit margins for your panty selling business. It therefore follows that you should price your used juicy underpants in a most competitive manner. That is, do not price them too highly or price a pair of your used underwear too low.

6.  Establish a personalrelationship with your Pantylovers


Personalized marketing strategies are usually very effective even in the used panty selling business. However, that does not mean that you should be a "panty spammer" sending promotional material to your customers every now and then. Instead, you should look for ways of establishing a personal relationship with your panty lovers.

7.  Encourage  your Fans and Pantylovers to leave good reviews on your Pantydeal profile


Encourage your used panty lovers and fans to be leaving reviews whenever they purchase or view your profile on Pantydeal. This is important as at will give you an idea of what your fans and buyers would like to get from your used panty selling services. In addition, potential buyers always go through the reviews left in order to determine the type of service they would like to get.

8. Use Pantydeal's new features and marketing toolbox


There is currently a wide range of marketing tools and features offered by pantydeal that could be of great assistance to your business when used optimally. By using features like the creation of interview pages, creation of classifieds, review pages, posting of pictures, and the ability to become friends with your customers.

9. Get in contact with all those Panty sniffers 


There are many panty sniffers out there ready to get their noses on your panties. You need to get in contact with this group as they will be a great addition to your market. However, it is important that you be professional; only explaining what you do in detail.

10. Be discreet and stay anonymous using Pantydeal's payment options


Most people who visit pantydeal.com to buy or sell used panties usually have a preference for privacy. Therefore, it is very important that you maintain the privacy of your customer treating every transaction that you do with them as confidential. Their contact details should also be treated as confidential.

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