Missionary Style: 11 Ways to Spice up This Sexy Classic

What is the missionary position and why is it seen as the most vanilla sex position? While it’s true that there are a ton of different creative and sexy positions to try in the bedroom, it doesn’t mean you should cast missionary style aside or write it off as “vanilla”.

It’s one of the most famous sex positions for a reason. Not only is it simple and comfortable (as opposed to acrobatic and exhausting), but it also lets you enjoy intense physical proximity due to your closely entwined bodies, as well as emotional intimacy because you can gaze into each other’s eyes and make out to your heart’s desire.

The missionary position is also great because there are many ways to modify it and have a brand new experience every time. How to do missionary style like never before? Here are 8 of our favorite ways to spice up this classic sex position.

11 Ways to Make Missionary Position 100% Hotter

1. Pillow under the butt

A pillow is like the homemade sex toy you never knew you had. Putting a pillow underneath the butt of the partner being penetrated allows for deeper penetration and new sensation.

2. Make the most of the physical contact

One of the joys of the missionary position is that you can touch your partner all over. Heighten the intimacy and excitement with scratching, biting, butt grabbing, (if they’re into that), and passionate making out.

3. Push the legs back

What is the missionary position? It’s a move that can be endlessly modified.

Like propping with a pillow, pushing the penetrating partner's legs back as far as they will comfortably go is another way to get even deeper, and feel more naughty.

4. Turn sideways

Another simple missionary position trick! From the standard missionary position, simply turn your entwined bodies to the side, with one partner’s leg draped over the other’s hip.

This again allows for deeper penetration and tighter sensation. Plus, it’s easier on the thruster, so you can both go for longer. 

5. Get toys involved 

How to do missionary like a pro? Sex toys are a great addition to any kind of sex, but especially to missionary style because they’re a simple way to make it feel like a whole new experience.

Try using a small vibrator on the clitoris, a cock ring, or an anal plug for some well-deserved butt play.

6. Explore bondage

If you’re curious about bondage and want to start slow, incorporating light bondage into your missionary style sex is a great and non-threatening place to start. Try tying one partner’s hands together above their head or tying one wrist to the bed frame, or using a blindfold.

7. Don’t just lie there

If you’re the partner on the bottom, you can do a lot more than just lie there. Your partner might be doing most of the legwork, but you can still do stimulating moves like circling your hips or planting your feet and meeting their thrusts.

8. Talk dirty

We’re big fans of dirty talk. We’ve even written a dirty talk guide! It adds an extra erotic charge to any kind of sex or foreplay.

How to do missionary if you’re a wordsmith? In the missionary sex pose, try whispering in your partner’s ear exactly how good they feel, or all the filthy things you want to do to them later.

9. Slow it way down

Never tried tantric sex? You’re missing out. If full-on tantra seems too intense for you, don’t worry. You can get just as much new sensation and psychological tension from just slowing your usual sex way down.

Every touch (even familiar ones) become electric.

10. Squeeze those legs

If you’re on the bottom, squeeze your legs together. That’s it. It makes everything tighter, enhancing feelings of fullness and heightening all those deliciously sexy sensations.

How to do missionary with minimal effort and maximum results? Work those thighs!

11. Try the CAT technique

Most women struggle to reach orgasm from penetration alone. The Coital Alignment Technique is a wonderfully simple way to stimulate the clitoris during penis and vagina penetration without using your fingers or a toy.

To try the CAT technique (and you’re the partner on the bottom and you have a vulva), lie back and get into the missionary sex position, but have your partner move their body up towards your shoulders and grind, instead of thrust.

This enables their penis or strap-on to apply pressure to your clit as they thrust. Thank us later.

What is the missionary position all about? It can be about intimacy, sensation, kink, or whatever you want it to be!

These are our top 11 ways to do missionary with a spicy twist. Why not try them all and see which one(s) hit your spots? You may never try another position again…