How to Orgasm During Penetration: 9 Ways to Get Yourself There

How to orgasm during sex? There are many different types of orgasms that can be experienced by someone with a vulva, but the vaginal orgasm seems to be the most elusive and misunderstood.

Stimulating different parts of the body results in orgasms that vary hugely in sensation and intensity, and all feel amazing. It’s possible to climax from clit, nipple, cervical, or just mental stimulation.

Even though vaginal orgasms are only one type of orgasm a female body can experience, many of us give ourselves a hard time and are desperate to know how to orgasm during sex.

If this sounds like you, know this: the majority of women need more than just penetration to orgasm.

This problem tends to be experienced by people who are having penis in vagina sex. Difficulty having a purely vaginal orgasm can be down to your physical anatomy.

But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to help yourself climax during penetrative sex, whether it’s a purely vaginal orgasm or not (ps: it doesn’t matter!).

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9 Tips to Help you Orgasm During Penetrative Sex (and Have Better Sex All Round)

Get to know your body

How to orgasm during penetration? Masturbation will go a long way.

Your body is unique. Having a vaginal orgasm is all about figuring out what works for you. Take proper time to masturbate. Go all day!

Discover where and how you like to be touched. What angles, motions, pressure, speed, toys, and positions work for you, and how long it takes you to feel good

Try masturbating with just a dildo to focus on what kind of penetration works for you. Then stimulate your clit to explore what external touch gives you pleasure and how you can incorporate that into penetrative sex. Mount it to find out what angles work for you on top.

Feel relaxed and sexy and into yourself

Make a note of how good you feel mentally during masturbation. You should be relaxed, not self-conscious, not in a rush, not putting pressure on yourself, and focussing solely on your body and pleasure. This is how relaxed and mindful you should be during sex to orgasm.

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Orgasms come from the brain. It’s almost impossible to climax if you’re distracted or anxious and worried about not climaxing.

Ironically, you’re most likely to orgasm when you’re not putting pressure on yourself to do so. And also when you’re super turned on, feeling sexy in yourself, and in an almost meditative, “in the moment” state.

Touch your clit during penetration

How to orgasm during penetrative sex? The clit!

The most common way women experience orgasm during penetrative sex is with the help of external clit stimulation. Use your fingers to touch yourself just how you like it.

Use a toy

Seriously increases your chances of climaxing during sex by involving a sex toy (or two). Hold a bullet or other small vibe to your clit during sex. Positions like spooning, doggy, and woman on top allow for easy access to your clit.

Vibrating cock rings feel amazing for both you and the wearer and can help you reach the big O and stop wondering how to orgasm during penetration.

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Try positions that hit your G spot or external clitoris

You might already have your favorite positions (they might be on this list), but there are some that increase your chances of climaxing. For the most part, positions that help women orgasm during penetration are ones that stimulate the external clit or G spot.

The G spot is the spongey feeling area located just an inch or so on the upper vaginal wall - belly button side. And it’s actually just a part of the internal clitoris! Shallow, not deep thrusting at certain angles hits the G spot.

The Coital Alignment Technique is great for stimulating your clit during penetration. Any position with you on top is good as it enables you to control the angle and pace. Try straddling one of their thighs during reverse cowgirl or bringing your knees together during your favorite position - doggy, missionary - for extra, tighter sensation and shallower thrusts.

Lots and lots of foreplay

How to orgasm during sex? A lack of foreplay is one of the major reasons women can feel unsatisfied with sex.

Women and people with vulvas generally need at least 30 minutes of stimulation to reach full arousal. Only after this time are your organs engorged and sensitive enough for you to be likely to orgasm - and feel the most pleasure.

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More foreplay also means more vaginal wetness, which we know makes everything better. If you want added sensation or you’d like to be wetter, use lube.

Foreplay can be anything that turns you on - dirty talk, kissing, fingering…

Repeated pressure when you get close

Variety is good at the start of sexual play. But if you feel like you’re almost there and a certain spot is giving you tingles, keep up the pace and pressure in that exact spot.

A breathless Uh, don’t stop! is recommended.

Improve your pelvic floor muscles

We already know the benefits of pelvic floor muscles and kegel exercises - there are so many of them.

These are the muscles involved in orgasm. The stronger they are, the more likely you are to orgasm and the stronger your orgasms will be.

Gently squeezing your pelvic floor muscles during penetration also feels really good.

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Communicate your needs

While working on having a vaginal orgasm during penetration is mostly down to you, you need assistance from your partner.

How to orgasm during penetration? Tell them in as much detail as you can what you need. What positions and angles work, where you want to be touched or if you want to touch yourself or use a toy, what you want them to say, and how much time you need.

Communicate during sex as well. A simple Down a bit, Up a bit, Slower, or Yes, right THERE will be a huge help.

The most important thing to do is not put pressure on yourself or worry if a vaginal orgasm doesn’t happen. Sex is about a lot more than orgasm, but it’s a nice extra.