How to Kiss Someone: Tips to Make Them Weak at the Knees

We think we know how to kiss but… do we?

We’ve all experienced bad kisses - ones that leave your chin wet or feel like your tongue is being jabbed at.

Great kissing is an art form and can be the difference between a second date and an unanswered call. So, how to kiss someone and leave them thinking about you all week?

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How to be a good kisser: Tips, Techniques, and Things to Avoid

Moisturize those lips and freshen that breath

Or at least have gum on hand. These are the basics of how to kiss someone well, especially someone new. An easy way to ruin the sexiness of a first kiss having dry, cracked lips or stale breath.

Don’t dive in without warning

As with any physical or sexual act, consent is everything. Don’t listen to people who say asking to kiss someone isn’t sexy. Seriously, there’s nothing sexier than looking your date in the eye and saying ‘I really want to kiss you right now. Can I?’

Go with the flow

Kissing is like a dance: it takes two to tango.

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How to be a good kisser? The best kissers feel how their partner wants to kiss. You should meet them halfway between how you want to kiss and how they want to kiss. Feel their movement: their pressure, pace, technique, tonguey-ness, body positioning.

A good way to do this is to keep your mouth relaxed. Firm and active (not just lying there), but relaxed and not forceful. Let the passion in the kiss build naturally.

Use your hands

Here’s one of our top kissing tips: Use your hands. Good kissing is about a lot more than what your mouth does.

What you do with your hands can heighten attraction and intimacy and express confidence. Consider pulling your partner to you by the waist before venturing down to their butt as things get heated.

Have your hands on the side of their face or gently pull their face to yours with a hand under their chin.

How to kiss someone like a pro? For extra points, pull away from the kiss and slowly trace their lips with your finger while gazing at them. Hot. 

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Master the art of the tongue

Up for Frenching a little? Great. But be careful when introducing tongue. Some people go in with tongue too soon or too strong, which is a turn-off for a lot of people.

When it comes to how to be a good kisser, tongue should happen organically as a kiss gets more and more passionate. If you think the time is right - you’re in passionate lip lock or you can feel their tongue starting to move - start gently touching their tongue with yours.

Move it in a slow stroking motion. Circle their tongue with yours in a sensual way. Lightly tracing the top of their mouth will feel incredibly intimate and tingly.

Use your teeth to lightly nibble

Repeat: lightly! Generally, teeth shouldn’t feature in a good kiss. If you’re bashing teeth, you need to slow down and reposition yourselves.

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A secret kissing tip? When done right, teeth can be very sexy. A great kissing move is using your teeth to softly nibble at or tug their bottom lip or on their ear lobes.

Pay attention to more than the mouth

Once a kiss is in full sensual flow, start to involve other areas and erogenous zones. Really passionate kissing can be heightened by you pulling away and gently kissing other parts of their face, like the side of their mouth, their jawline, eyelids, and neck, before heading back to their lips.

The anticipation of what you might do next will really get them going.

Show your enthusiasm

How to kiss someone? Be in the moment and get into the kiss.

This tip applies to almost all aspects of sex. Showing your partner you’re having a good time will make the experience more satisfying for them and make it hotter in the moment for both of you.

Soft moans or sounds of pleasure really build up the heat and can signal you’re down to go further. Looking for a step up? Whisper some dirty talk in their ear.

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How to be a good kisser: from our mouth to yours

Kissing is an essential part of most romantic and sexual relationships, and signal the tone for what’s to come.

Now you’ve read our top kissing tips, go forth and put those lips to good use!