10 Unforgettable Ways to Use a Blindfold During Sex

The blindfold: a classic BDSM toy with endless possibilities. If you’re curious about heightening power dynamics, sensory experience, and psychological tension in the bedroom, blindfolded sex could be for you.

Blindfolded woman with mans thumb in mouth erotic

Why is being blindfolded sexually so exciting?

It’s widely known that depriving one sense heightens others. Being blindfolded during sex makes you more aware of your other senses, so every sound, taste, and touch feels extra electric.

Being blindfolded is also psychologically thrilling because, with your eyes shut, you don’t know what’s about to happen. This anticipation is a thrill like no other. Plus, the powerlessness you feel from having your eyes covered while your lover touches you can be wildly arousing for anyone with a submissive side.

Blindfolded Sex: The Basics

Get the equipment

You can buy specially made BDSM blindfolds, but this isn’t necessary. You can also use an eye mask or another soft and comfortable article of clothing, like a scarf, bandana, nylons, or even panties.

Safety is Sexy

With blindfolded bondage, as with any sexual activity that has a touch of BDSM or the potential to cause discomfort, it’s essential to talk about desires, boundaries, and safewords beforehand.

Woman poses in BDSM suit blindfold lingerie and harness

Take precautions to avoid any accidents such as the blindfolded person walking into or over anything, and check in with the blindfolded person throughout the play to make sure they feel safe and happy.

Start Slow

Before going all in with blindfold bondage sex, see if you like the sensation by closing your eyes while your partner kisses you all over or gives you oral pleasure. Do you enjoy it? If yes, it’s time to start delving in.

Our Favorite Things To Do With a Blindfold During Sex

1. Tease, tease, tease

A generally good formula for blindfolded sex goes like this: warm up, apply a blindfold, tease their body all over, slowly incorporate sexual play and genital stimulation, then, once they’re begging for you, let them orgasm.

Teasing is a central part of blindfolded sexual play. You should put your own sexy spin on it and think about what you are your partner usually enjoy.

You could start by blindfolding them, tying their hands together with cuffs, giving them a sensual kiss, and then ignoring them for 5 minutes - a psychological power play that will make them beg you to come back.

Topless lovers woman kissing mans stomach

Keep giving them bits of intense attention and touch, getting slowly closer to their genitals, then pulling away. Tantalizingly brush your nipples against their face until they move their mouth towards you. Pleasure yourself loudly so they can hear but can’t touch or see.

What to do after you blindfold him? Once the tease is over, why not give your lover the ride of their life?

2. Sensation play

Because having your eyes covered heightens your experience of other senses, blindfolded sex is a great time to incorporate other sensation and temperature play. Try using ice cubes, warm (not hot!) oil or wax, aroma oils, and candles, or making sure your blindfolded lover gets the scent of you.

3. More restraints

If the blindfolded partner enjoys the feeling of being physically restrained and submissive, enhance blindfold sex by using other restraint tools like handcuffs, ankle cuffs, harnesses, or chokers…

4. Or more sensory deprivation

If you’re enjoying the feeling of having one sense temporarily suspended, why not add more? Enhance the psychological tension further by adding ear plugs, a mouth gag, or nose plugs.

Close up top view purple sleep mask

You can even try face sitting for an element of hot dominant breath play, or put headphones in your blindfolded lover’s ears and play a loud sexy song, or better yet, a track of you moaning. There are infinite ways to dig into sensory deprivation sex.

5. Explore different kinds of touch, in different places

Your lover’s body will be hyper-sensitive, so now is the time to use your body in new ways to touch them all over. There could be surprising results.

Try kissing, stroking, nibbling, scratching, licking, blowing, nipping, massaging, spanking… anything you can think of. And pay attention to unexpected body parts, like the wrist, stomach, inner thigh, back of knee...

6. Textured tools

You can use more than your own body to stimulate theirs. Try stroking down their spine with a feather, or brush your hair (if it’s long enough) along the length of their body. Let them enjoy the feel of textures like fur, satin, leather, or sharper, bristly items if they enjoy a bit of pleasurable pain.

Female hand with white feather on pink background

7. Slow everything down

Slowing the pace of foreplay is a tension builder in itself. Slowing the pace of blindfolded bondage sex will raise the sexual tension through the roof. For tips on how to go the extra mile, check our article on tantric sex.

8. Food play

Feeding your blindfolded sexual partner is a very sexy submissive experience - trust us. Food play can also give you a chance to try aphrodisiacs together, or to explore how certain foods, like whipped cream or popsicles, feel when used on or licked off the body.

9. Naughty role-playing

What sexy scenarios do you fantasize about? Blindfolds can be a naughty addition to role-plays and dirty talk.

Discuss with your partner beforehand what roles turn you both on: police officers? Doctor and patient? A very attentive masseuse?

Woman sitting on bed undressing mans jeans

10. Sexy games

Loads of fun bedroom games don’t require anything besides yourselves. A blindfold can, however, be a useful tool for a bedroom game with a happy ending.

One partner could be blindfolded while the other touches them all over with different objects and body parts. The blindfolded partner has to guess what they’ve been touched with. The loser gets a naughty punishment…

Those are a few of our favorite ways to have creative and memorable blindfolded sex. Will your playtime have a “happy ending”? What you get up to when the blindfold is taken off is up to you.