9 Types of Orgasms - How Many Have You Had?

The question shouldn’t be “Did you cum?” It should be “How did you cum?” Why? Because there are so many types of orgasms our bodies are capable of!

You don’t need to climax to have good sex. However, orgasms are an important and fun part of the sexual menu. If you want to increase satisfaction and understand your body better, learning about the ways your body can take you to “the big O” is a great way to do that.

Whether you have a penis or a vulva, most orgasms feel sort of the same: tension, release, pleasure… However, it’s possible to reach orgasm by stimulating different body parts and experiencing different types of release and pleasure.

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Different Types of Orgasm You Wish You Knew About Sooner

Clitoral orgasm

The clitoral orgasm is the most common type of orgasm experienced by vulva-owners. It’s produced by direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris, often with fingers, tongue, or a sex toy. It’s generally felt on the surface of the body and the skin, as opposed to deep inside.

How to do it: After warming up the body and paying attention to erogenous zones, start gently stimulating the clit with circular or back and forth strokes. Slowly increase pressure and speed and watch for signs that they like what you’re doing.

Vaginal orgasm

This is the elusive orgasm that only a small percentage of women or vulva-owners can reach without assistance from elsewhere (like the clit). These orgasms are usually combo orgasms depending on how you choose to categorize the different parts of the vulva and vagina. Deep penetration of the vaginal canal often stimulates the A spot (a sensitive spot about 2 inches deeper than the G spot) and the O spot on the back wall of the vagina, plus other pleasurable endings inside the entire vagina.

This leads to intense and deep orgasms within the vagina and throughout the body.

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How to do it: If you’re one of the lucky vulva owners who can effortlessly have vaginal orgasms through penetration, keep doing what you’re doing! Otherwise, it’s about trying different positions to find the right angle. It’s most likely to happen with the help of clit or G spot stimulation.

Standard ejaculatory orgasm

We couldn’t leave this classic off our list of different types of orgasm. If you have a penis, you’ll be familiar with this type of orgasm. It involves arousal, an erection, and the build-up and release of fluid in response to sexual stimulation.

How to do it: You know this already. Grip or insert, and move until it starts to feel really good.

Combo orgasm

For anyone with a vulva, combo orgasms are the most common way to climax. They are what you experience when you orgasm from simultaneous clit stimulation and vaginal penetration. These orgasms will feel different depending on what body parts are involved, but generally, they are intense and very pleasurable.

How to do it: There are loads of ways you or your partner can enjoy a combo orgasm. Try them all! Clit plus vagina, butt plus clit, butt plus penis plus nipples…

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Cervical orgasm

This is a relatively rare type of female orgasm. Deep vaginal penetration will hit pleasurable spots, and, in some cases will stimulate your cervix in a way that leads to an incredibly intense, deep, almost full-body orgasm.

How to do it: Take it slow, communicate, and be aroused and relaxed as possible when aiming for this type of orgasm, as the cervix is sensitive and deep thrusting can be painful.

G spot orgasm

This type of female orgasm gets a lot of discussion. The G spot is located around 2 inches inside the vagina, on the front wall. With enough repetitive stimulation of this area with fingers, a toy, or a penis at a certain angle, you can have a G spot orgasm.

These can be super intense and can be accompanied by a “needing to pee” feeling. G spot stimulation is what can lead to squirting.

How to do it: The most effective way to have this type of orgasm is by using a G spot sex toy or by repetitively stroking the area in a “come hither” motion.

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Prostate orgasm

It’s rare but not impossible for women to have anal orgasms. The butt is a very pleasurable area, regardless of gender. It’s possible to give someone an orgasm from just a great rim job!

However, anal orgasms are far more common in men due to the prostate, otherwise called the male G spot. This gland sits inside the anus and, with enough stimulation, produces intensely deep, long-lasting orgasms.

How to do it: If your partner has a prostate, learn all about pleasuring it here. For best results, use your tongue or a specially designed anal or prostate toy!

Erogenous zone orgasm

A lucky selection of people can climax without even having their genitals touched. For these folk, their erogenous zones are sensitive enough that with enough repeated strokes or pressure, they orgasm.

Nipples are the most common non-genital erogenous zone that can make people climax.

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How to do it: These types of orgasms come from a lot of slow and considered experimentation. You might get off to having your ear lobes nibbled, or enjoy a small vibrator on your nipples. Try it all!

Hands-free orgasm

Yes, you can have an orgasm without any physical touch! Basically, you can think your way to orgasm. These can occur in different ways, but all involve focused mental concentration. Types of these orgasms include sleep orgasms (nocturnal emissions), exercise orgasms, and orgasms from erotic hypnosis or orgasmic breathing.

How to do it: Sleep orgasms are generally something you can’t control. If you’re trying to have a hands-free orgasm for the first time, we recommend spending a long time getting your body aroused and relaxed. Then, take deep breaths and clench and unclench your pelvis and kegel muscles.

Those are the most commonly overlooked, but very real, different types of orgasms. Did any of them surprise you? Which one are you most curious to try?

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The human body truly is magical!