The Male G-Spot: 5 Ways to Pleasure His Prostate

In the world of heterosex, the male butt is hardly ever on the menu. Why do some men cringe at the idea of butt play? Why are do so many people know nothing about prostate stimulation? Or even where to find the male G-spot?

Let’s turn the tables! Keep reading to learn all about the mystical male G-spot (or P-spot), how to stimulate the prostate, become an anal fingering genius, and give your lover their most intense orgasm yet.

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What and where is the prostate?

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that sits around 3-4 inches inside the anus of cis-gendered men and people assigned male at birth. Biologically, its purpose is to aid reproduction by producing a fluid that combines with sperm to produce semen.

As well as being biologically useful, this gland is an erogenous zone. It’s surrounded by nerve endings that make prostate stimulation feel amazing. 

Prostate Stimulation Equals Guaranteed Pleasure

Men who’ve experienced prostate orgasms describe them as more intense and lasting longer than penis orgasms.

So why isn’t this something we do all the time? Because some men are shy about their butt, think it will “make them gay” (it doesn’t, plus, who cares?), or they don’t know what they’re missing out on.

Prostate Milking

Prostate stimulation is sometimes called “prostate milking”, as well as “prostate massaging”, anal fingering, butt fingering… the list goes on.

It’s called prostate milking because the gland releases a milk-like fluid after a certain amount of stimulation. Prostate massaging is sometimes done for therapeutic purposes, but most often for sexual pleasure.

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Don’t forget: all this advice applies to your solo-pleasure time, too. You don’t need a partner to have a prostate orgasm!

Reaching the Male G-Spot: Preparation

There are a few things to consider before heading down there fingers-first.

Clean your hands!

You should have clean hands and short nails whenever you’re penetrating someone (or yourself) with your fingers, but especially with anal fingering. Nothing ruins the mood like dirty fingernails or pain - that wasn’t specifically asked for.

Get a never-ending supply of lube

As we all (should) know by now, lube, whether it’s homemade or shop-bought, makes sex better. Period. It’s especially important when the butt’s involved because unlike the vagina, it doesn’t self-lubricate. Lube is, of course, a great addition to the other type of fingering too.

To put it simply: If you’re not sliding and gliding, you’re not using enough lube.

Always discuss it with your partner first

Don’t assume your partner’s okay with prostate stimulation and go there without asking. Total enthusiastic consent is essential, and is especially important when trying something new or “taboo”.

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5 Ways to Pleasure the Male G-Spot Like a Pro

1. Stimulate the area around the anus

After you’ve got into position, which could be your partner on their front, in doggy style, on their side with the leg up, or whatever you both decide, start warming up their butt.

The area around the anus is full of pleasurable nerve endings and starting there is a great way to get your partner used to the butt being part of sex.

Lube a finger (or two) and stroke around the butt, slowly getting closer to the anus. Vary your technique: circle and stroke around the rim and occasionally tease a finger inside the butt. See this as part of the foreplay that will make the eventual prostate stimulation feel out of this world.

2. Give the perineum some attention

Stimulating the perineum is another good way to get the ball rolling before going in for butt penetration. Also called the “taint”, this patch of skin between the butt and testicles is often overlooked.

Stroking and massaging this spot is actually an indirect way of stimulating the prostate. And, you guessed it, it feels really good.

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Massage or press your fingers against this area while doing other stuff, like a handjob or oral sex, for maximum moaning.

3. The classic: Anal fingering

Prostate stimulation using fingers is the way the male G-spot is usually pleasured in heterosex encounters.

After other foreplay and erogenous zone fun, you can start anal fingering. Begin by lubing your finger, very slowly inserting it into the anus, and holding it there.

Gently move your finger around and get the lay of the land. Push slightly against the front wall (belly button side). The anus is smooth inside, so you’ll know you’ve found the prostate when you feel a marble-like bulge. Plus, when you’ve found it, your partner’s reaction will be an obvious sign.

Like with finding the female G-spot, curling your finger upwards into a “come hither” motion will help locate the gland.

When you’re both ready, take it up a notch. It’s called a prostate massage for a reason: stimulating this part requires more pressure than a simple stroke. Consistency, as well as listening to your partner, is key. Find the spot that works and massage until they blow their top off.

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4. Try rimming

Lots of people swear by the power of a good rim job. Rimming is the act of pleasuring someone’s butt with your tongue and mouth. And there are few better ways to stimulate the anus’ sensitive nerve endings than with tongue action.

A good rim job involves kissing, licking, and generally using your tongue around the anus. Experiment with different shapes and patterns (moving your tongue in circles, horizontal and vertical licks) before slowly thrusting your tongue further in.

Rimming is another great way to warm up before anal fingering or penetration with a toy, penis, or anything else...

5. Use a sex toy

There are loads of sex toys designed for pleasuring the male g-spot. They’re safe, hygienic, shaped to make finding the prostate a whole lot easier, and have features, like vibration, to enhance sensation.

Toys are also a great starting point when exploring prostate massage on your own.  Homemade sex toys are great, but always use a toy with a flared base when exploring the butt. Putting any old thing in there might end with an embarrassing trip to the doctor.

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6. Pegging: For advanced prostate stimulation

This is for pro-level prostate pleasure. Pegging is when one person penetrates another person’s butt with a strap-on dildo. It’s usually practiced between a woman or someone without a penis, and a cisgender man or someone with an anal prostate.

Not only is pegging incredibly sexy and intimate, but it also provides unbelievable prostate pleasure to the person being pegged.

As with any sex move, male g-spot stimulation is most effective when done alongside other stuff, like a handjob, blowjob, or attention to other erogenous zones.

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Are you ready to take your partner to prostate heaven? Today’s as good a day as any.