8 Breast Foreplay Tips She’ll Thank You For

Breasts are amazing. Everyone knows this. But not everyone knows how to give them the pleasure they deserve. If you’re wondering how to suck nipples or give your lover’s boobs an experience they won’t forget, read, memorize, and practice these nipple and breast foreplay tips.

Close up of female breasts in pink bra

What is breast and nipple play?

Breast and nipple play is any deliberate stimulation of the breasts or nipples, whether that’s rubbing, fondling, licking, sucking, clamping… It can be incredibly gentle or kink dungeon rough. Either way, if you’re wondering how to play with boobs, you’re off to a good start. It’s an amazing form of foreplay or sexual activity all on its own.

As always, everyone has something different that gets them off. When it comes to breast foreplay, always check in and communicate with your partner before trying something new. And if you’re not sure what your partner likes, just ask them!

Nipple orgasms? Yes, they’re possible

The chest and nipples are an erogenous zone, regardless of gender. Cisgender men can experience pleasurable nipple sensitivity, so don’t forget about male nipple play.

If your partner has breasts, this area will be particularly pleasurable because of the sensitive nerve endings that live in that area - alongside the fatty breast tissue and lymph nodes. Breast and nipple orgasms are actually the most common type of erogenous zone orgasm.

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Breast and nipple play is the perfect way to get your partner aroused and prepares the body for sex. It releases oxytocin and the other hormones that make you feel all lovey-dovey and in the mood. It also increases vaginal wetness, relaxes the pelvic floor, and feels unbelievably good.

Don’t make the mistake of rushing straight “down there”. Use these 8 nipple and breast foreplay tips to show your lover the magic in your hands and give them a night they won’t forget. How to play with boobs? Read on!

8 Nipple and Breast Foreplay Tips to Maximise Her Pleasure

1. Start with a slow, sensual breast massage

When it comes to breast foreplay, don’t go in super hard at the start. The slapping and hard squeezing you see in porn are only for women who have specifically asked for it. If they haven’t, don’t do it - it’s only going to hurt.

How to play with boobs?

Be gentle. Boobs are sensitive! Slowly massage each breast, paying attention to every part: under boob, upper boob, side… Make long strokes with your fingers. Take the breast in your hand (if possible) and lightly cup it.

Feel free to include neighboring body parts in the massage, like the shoulders and waist. If you want top marks, use massage oil to create a nice smelling atmosphere and make your touch feel even more exquisite.

Topless woman checking breasts with hands

2. Tease with a light touch

Because the nipples are so sensitive - especially during arousal - every tiny touch feels out of this world. Gently glide a fingernail up your forearm. Doesn’t that feel amazing? When it comes to foreplay, tantalizingly small strokes like this make all the difference.

A sure-fire way to make your partner desperately want you is by teasing their breasts and nipples with light touches. Draw circles around their breast and areola (the darker colored circle around the nipple) with your fingertip or the back of your nail.

Use your finger to stroke side to side against the ultra-sensitive tip of the nipple. They’ll be begging you to keep going.

3. Apply pressure with your fingers

There are different ways to do this and it’s best to vary your technique. How to play with boobs? You can take the breast in your hand, then gently squeeze and “twist” the nipple. Like you’re turning a button.

Alternatively, while you’re cupping the breast, make a peace sign and take the nipple between your index and middle fingers. From here, you can simultaneously rub the breast and apply pressure to the nipple.

Close up of woman squeezing breasts in bra

4. Use your mouth and tongue for seriously sexy sensation

Similar rules apply here as when giving your lover great oral sex or fingering. Switch up your movement and pressure and follow your partner’s lead.

Start simply but effectively with small kisses all over the breast. Build up to a full-on breast make-out session - including the nipples and areola. This provides amazing sensations and an amazing visual.

Use your tongue. Always! It’s so versatile. You can lick the breast with a flat wide tongue, swirl around the nipple with a hard tongue while their breast is in your mouth, you can slowly circle their areola with your tongue... Whatever you do will give them tingles

And don’t forget about sucking.

It’s normal to wonder how to suck nipples. This is a classic nipple play move because it’s so effective. Wrap your mouth around their nipple and start sucking. Vary the pressure and intensity and combine it with some cupping action for the best results.

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5. Get kinky with it

If your lover’s got a thing for erotic pain, nipple, and breast foreplay play can be a great way to explore BDSM. Because breasts and nipples are so sensitive, there are loads of ways to apply pleasurable pain to the area.

You can squeeze hard, gently bite, flick, slap… Always ask your partner if the pain is okay and have a safe word to stop it from going too far. A well-timed nipple slap (with a whip, perhaps?) feels unbelievable during climax.

6. Get toys involved

How to play with boobs if you’re bored of the usual stuff?

Try adding sex toys to your nipple and breast foreplay. Nipple clamps (and DIY nipple clamps like clothespins and hair grips) do a great job of exciting the nipples while you’re doing other stuff.

Holding a vibrator (preferably a smaller bullet one) against the nipple and areola while you’re pleasuring your partner elsewhere will send thrilling waves through their body.

And if you’re looking to reach that magical nipple orgasm, we’d recommend a nipple suction toy. Mindblowing is an understatement. How to suck nipples without actually sucking nipples? Invest in one of these.

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7. Explore temperature play

How to suck nipples like a pro? Make it interesting. Trust us, holding an ice cube in your mouth and pressing it against your partner’s nipple will give them serious tingles.

Temperature play increases blood flow, heart rate, and sensation. If you want to start simple, wet their nipple with your tongue and blow on it. Then build up to ice, hot wax, hot massage oil… Again, be very careful when doing anything that could cause pain!

Our final and most important nipple and breast foreplay tip?

8. Be enthusiastic

Some women or people with breasts are insecure about their boobs. Show her how much you love her breasts and enjoy pleasuring them - and her. This will help her feel relaxed, confident, aroused, and more likely to have a nipple orgasm.

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Put these tips to practice and get ready to have the ride of your life. Everybody wins.