Enter the Taboo World of Medical Fetishism

Does your heart race when the hot doctor at your local practice tells you to bend over? Does the slap of latex gloves make your mind wonder? Are you desperate to see your lover in a set of scrubs?

If any of these sound appealing, you could be one of many people with a medical fetish. What’s medical fetishism (AKA medfet) all about, and why does it get us off?

What is the medical fetish?

And what does it mean to have a medical kink? Someone with a medical fetish or kink is aroused or gets sexual pleasure from role-playing medical scenarios, procedures, or personnel.

The medical fetish is surprisingly popular - on Pornhub alone, there are thousands of videos devoted to the kink, with a view count in the millions.

Woman in sexy nurse uniform recording on laptop at home

Someone with a medical kink could have a specific anesthesia fetish, nurse fetish, or medical exam fetish, or just be aroused by any item or phenomenon in the medical sphere. They might be turned on by a nurse uniform, or have a fantasy about a medical exam that goes too far…

What’s so hot about the medical kink?

And why are so many people drawn to it? There are many reasons for people to find the medfet world irresistible.

The most common draw to medical BDSM fetishism is the inherent dominant and submissive relationship that exists between patient and medical professional. This power dynamic means that much medical play is often a form of BDSM.

If you’re drawn to submission, you could be turned on by feelings of helplessness, fear, consensual pain, giving up control, and being told what to do that come with being a patient.

For some, the fetish is more exciting because of its taboo nature. For others, the uniforms alone are a turn-on. In addition, most medical procedures are physical, meaning sexy role plays let you explore your body in intriguing ways. Many are invasive, meaning our imaginations don’t have to leap far to put them in a sexual context.

Sexy female dentist with patient

How is medical fetishism practiced?

Given that there are so many medical procedures in existence, the possibilities of the medical kink are endless.

Some people explore simple role plays with costumes and basic props. But many go further and emulate real medical procedures, like a prostate exam or visit to the gynecologist, with more developed characters, and props, like latex gloves, scrubs, masks, and hygiene and sterilization equipment.

More experienced medical BDSM kinksters like taking things even further - with caution, of course. Some fetishists are trained to use real medical gear and deliver real procedures, like catheter insertion, enema administration, and even needle play and injections. Testicle injections are an occasional part of hardcore medical play.

These can be combined with other elements like bondage, with the patient being strapped to the chair or having painful equipment used on them as a BDSM punishment for a more extreme experience.

When practicing this sort of edgeplay, it is crucial to talk about it beforehand, establish boundaries and safewords, and never use specialized equipment without being trained and doing it safely.

Close up scientists examining liquid bottom view

Start exploring your medical fetish

If any of these scenarios sound appealing to you, consider safely exploring your own medical kink.

You could dip your toe in by watching erotic videos or reading erotic fiction focusing on the medical kink. Join online medfet communities, purchase from a sex worker who specializes in this area, or go to a local kink or sex party and get “treated” by a professional.

If you want to explore this fetish with your partner, start with an open conversation and talk about what you’re curious to try, but don’t pressure them.

If they’re into it, start with outfits or soft scenarios that turn you on, and go from there. If you like the idea of more extreme medical BDSM, discuss that and proceed slowly.

Close up female chest in red corset with phonendoscope

As we said, safety is essential when exploring medical play because it has the potential to push boundaries and cause emotional and physical harm. Talk about everything before and check in throughout, and be very careful about using any kind of equipment.

Excited to get started? You’ll never have a normal visit to the doctor again.