What’s the Latex Fetish All About?

Latex is iconic in many ways. Its symbol is the dominatrix latex bodysuit. It’s associated with fashion, condoms, and of course, kink. But why is latex so enduringly popular? And what’s so sexy about it?

Let’s dive into the latex fetish.

What is a latex fetish?

The latex fetish, also called the rubber fetish, is a kink that revolves around latex as a material. This makes it different from other common kinks which center around bodyparts (like feet) or objects (like panties), but similar to other material fetishes, like those for nylon or leather.

Woman's butt in latex suit with gloves and handcuffs

Latex fetishists, who are also called “rubberists”, “rubbermen” (a common term in the gay male community), or practitioners of the latex lifestyle, enjoy the feeling of wearing the material or seeing others wear it. It turns them on and enhances pleasure.

As well as latex clothing, accessories like latex gloves, restraints, and masks are commonly used by people with a rubber fetish. It’s linked to fetishes like BDSM, exhibitionism, voyeurism, bondage, and medical play.

What is latex?

So, what is latex and where does it come from? Latex is a fluid that oozes from trees. It’s often mistaken for PVC by people who think it’s simply a shiny, cheap, thin material. But it’s not!

Latex is a type of rubber. Hence the terms "rubberist" and "rubber fetish". It’s a thin, elastic-like material that hugs the body and is useful for protective clothing.

Latex fashion

Latex is adored by both rubber fetishists and fashionistas. Why? Because it’s eye-catching and inherently sexy. It’s tight, confident, unique, and visually attractive.

Fashionable woman posing in latex outfit

It also has a history of being subversive in fashion. Latex was associated with the 70’s punk scene in England before hitting the mainstream in films like The Matrix and Charlie’s Angels. It’s often the material of choice for gimp suits, as well as being popular among dominatrixes and burlesque performers.

What’s so sexy about latex?

It’s easy for people to wonder: what’s so sexy about latex? It’s just a material… right?

Latex is more than just a material. Not only has it become symbolic of sex and subversion, but it has physical qualities that make wearing it a unique sensory experience.

It looks good

Latex is known for being like a “second skin”. Visually, this makes someone in latex very sexy to look at. Not only is it a second skin, but it’s also a smooth, flawless, and tight second skin.

It suggests nakedness and mystery. It reveals the shape of the body while covering the skin entirely.

Due to its smooth, tight, elastic appearance, it makes the wearer exude confidence, which is an aphrodisiac in itself.

Woman holding whip in black latex bodysuit

It feels good

If you’ve ever felt latex, you’ll know it has a unique texture. It’s slick, smooth, and stimulates your skin in a way normal fabrics don’t. When you’re getting down and dirty with a partner and you’re both wearing latex, every touch, scratch, and spank feels ten times better.

Latex also has a mental effect on the wearer. It’s attention-grabbing, but it’s also liberating because it transforms you into a new person. It’s like wearing a sexy costume at a party where no one knows you.

It encases you

Rubber fetishists know that latex is a great protective material. When worn all over the skin it makes you feel encased, protected, and somewhat restricted. This can be incredibly pleasurable. For people who are into other forms of kinky restraint (bondage, handcuffs), this alone makes latex a desirable material to wear.

This feeling of protection also gives people an extra feeling of power, which is arousing for anyone with a thing for dominance.

Woman with latex tape on her face

How is a latex/rubber fetish enjoyed?

As with any fetish, the way a rubberist enjoys it will be particular to them. However, there are some common ways this fetish is explored.

Many people wear latex clothing to events or during sexual play to touch each other or themselves through the material. Latex accessories like straps, masks, gloves, stockings, and chokers are commonly used to enhance stimulation during sex or other kinky play.

Latex porn is a popular category and watching people in latex (with consent, of course) is also a way rubberists visually enjoy the sensual appearance of the material.

Woman in latex suit holding condom

Latex and rubberist communities

Latex fetish and rubberist communities are active all around the world. There are hundreds of groups, sites, and stores dedicated to this kink, and many local communities that hold events, discussions, and parties where people can come and enjoy their latex fetish.

If you’re curious about the fetish, look into local latex communities or online groups and start experimenting. Or go ahead and buy a latex catsuit and let yourself feel transformed! You’ll never see Catwoman the same way again.