The Ultimate A to Z List of Kinks and Fetishes

It’s time we returned to our favorite topic: Kink. Even though underwear will always be our number 1, there are loads of other fetishes that slip under mainstream society’s radar. This ultimate list of kinks is going to give them the recognition they deserve. Finally.

If you’re a practiced kinkster, you’ve probably gotten over the whole idea of fetishes being “taboo” or “bad.” If you’re new to the topic, let us be the first to tell you that sexual kinks are neither of those things! Not only are they a natural form of sexual self-expression, but more people have one than don’t have one.

Set of erotic BDSM toys

To show you just how extensive the world of naughty sex is, this is an A-Z list of kinks and fetishes that ranges from the vanilla (Role-playing? Been there, done that) to the extreme (Vampirism? Not so sure).

What’s the difference between a kink and a fetish?

A kink is any sexual activity or preference considered not “normal.” This definition sounds vague - and it is! A kink is anything sexual (an act, desire, fantasy…) that is different from traditional ideas of "normal" sex.

These two are often thrown together because a fetish is a kind of kink, only more specific and more extreme. If someone has a fetish, it means they have an intense, almost obsessive, sexual desire for something. Having a kink for something means it makes you pretty excited.

The sexuality of a fetishist might be centered around this object/scenario. They will get exquisite pleasure from it, and might not be able to feel pleasure without it.

Common types of fetish

There are many different fetish categories, and there tends to be a crossover between them.

Object fetishes are about objects, like underwear or leather. Sometimes the focus is on the material, other times, the shape or form of the item. Body part fetishes are about - you guessed it - body parts. As well as being about objects, people can have fetishes for situations, behaviors, or characteristics in an individual.

When you ask questions like “Why do people like this?”, you realize there are themes that come up time again. Many kinks involve power and control, pain, role-playing, the “taboo” (because it’s always hot to do something you know you shouldn’t), and our natural human desire for attention.

And of course, most kinks, fetishes, and sexual practices involve a combination of these elements.

A-Z List of Kinks and Fetishes You Wish You Knew Sooner

A is for Ageplay

Ageplay is a kind of role-playing kink in which people pretend to be different ages. At the extreme end are adult babies. At the tame end? You calling your partner “Baby” or “Daddy” in the bedroom…

Hands in black leather BDSM cuffs

B is for BDSM

In this list of fetishes, BDSM is a big player.

As we know, BDSM covers any sexual practices that involve bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism. Within this category are common and more specific preferences, like spanking, bondage, and restraint. Role-playing and intense power dynamics are central to BDSM.

C is for Cuckolding

This kink involves a partner being turned on by seeing their partner having sex with someone else. A “cuckold” used to mean a married man whose wife cheated on him, but today it means someone who is aware of and enjoys their partner having sex outside their relationship.

D is for Double Penetration

This is another fetish that is how it sounds: it’s a desire to be penetrated in 2 places at once. Generally, this means a vulva-owner being penetrated simultaneously in their vagina and butt by 2 different penis owners. And it’s a surprisingly common fantasy!

Young woman erotically licking her lips

E is for Exhibitionism

This is one of those sexual kinks that’s up there with feet and BDSM when it comes to popularity, which means we couldn’t leave it out of our list of kinks. Exhibitionists enjoy - you guessed it - exhibiting themselves sexually. In other words, being watched while having sex.

F is for Femdom

Femdom is a fixation on being dominated by a woman or someone with femme characteristics. Men (typically, but not always, hetero men) who desire dominatrixes have this kink.

G is for Gender Play

Gender play is common in the BDSM community and involves people taking on the role of a different gender. It’s sometimes part of a dominance/submissive dynamic, and sometimes an individual fantasy.

Young couple having a fight

H is for Humiliation

Again associated with BDSM, erotic humiliation is getting sexual pleasure from humiliation. It can be received in varying ways, including verbal abuse and other specific acts like cuckolding or handing all your money to a financial dominatrix.

I is for Impact Play

This covers a lot of sexual kinks, including spanking, whipping, and face slapping. But impact play covers any kind of action involving impact on someone’s body done for sexual pleasure. And, of course, with enthusiastic consent.

J is for Japanese bondage

Otherwise called Shibari. It’s another practice with links to BDSM. A Shibari practitioner will tie someone up in intricately designed patterns using rope. This is one of those sexual kinks that is also considered an art form.

Woman with hands bound in rope

K is for Knismolagnia (tickling)

That’s right - some people just love being tickled. And get off on it too. Power play is central to this fixation because the person being tickled submits themselves totally to their tickler.

L is for Latex (and Leather)

These two deserve a shared spot in our list of kinks because they’re both material-specific sexual kinks. And they’re both common. These kinksters will wear these materials and want their partners to wear them too. There are whole marketplaces dedicated to latex and leather gear.

M is for Male Chastity

Again, this is a kinky sexual practice with its roots in BDSM - one partner “controls” the other. Some men find nothing sexier than being told they can’t have sex or reach orgasm. When it finally happens, it’s

N is for Nylons

This is otherwise called a stocking or pantyhose kink. These naughty folks will enjoy watching people in nylons, holding them, or wearing them themselves, and especially involving them in sexual play.

Woman pulling up black pantyhose

O is for Odaxelagnia (Biting)

This is a fixation on biting or being bitten. These people will likely have a thing for giving or receiving pain (sadomasochism). Is it just us, or does this one go hand in hand with Vampirism?

P is for Panties (of course!)

The used panty fetish is traditionally known as Burusera and has been around for a long, long time. Panty enthusiasts love the appearance of underwear as well as the smell, material, and intimate, sensual nature of the item.

Q is for Queening

Queening is face-sitting. More specifically, it’s when a vulva-owner straddles their partner, “sits” on their face, and receives oral pleasure. Many kinksters who go crazy for queening are into the dominant/submissive aspect of it, too.

Woman wearing a crown making shh gesture

R is for Role-playing

This is an odd one out on this list of fetishes because sexy role-playing is a very broad kink. People might have a passion for role-playing, but what someone enjoys role-playing defines their specific fixation (sex slave and master? Maid/butler?). As we said, BDSM is a form of role-playing.

S is for Spanking

Of course! Sexy spanking is one of those things everyone’s tried, but no one says out loud. People who enjoy sexual submission often like being spanked by a dom and a dom who’s into spanking will like giving their partner’s butt a good seeing too.

T is for Trichophilia

Trichophiliacs are aroused by human hair. This can be on the head, armpits, genitals… anywhere. Again, this one isn’t as strange as it sounds. Historically, long hair on women has been considered erotic.

And sometimes, dangerous.

Woman touches hair of her girlfriend

U is for Urolagnia

You might otherwise know this as Watersports. People with this kink get a kick out of anything pee-related. Whether that’s being peed on, watching someone pee, or just thinking about golden showers. It’s one of the more well-known sexual kinks because lots of people have it!

V is for Voyeurism

Another one that couldn’t be missed off our list of kinks. Voyeurism is exhibitionism’s partner in crime. Voyeurs aren’t so bothered about getting in on the action. They’re aroused by watching other people naked or engaging in sex - consensually, of course!

W is for Wet and Messy Fetishism (WAM)

Isn’t sex already a bit wet and a bit messy? People who enjoy WAM are aroused by wet and messy substances being excessively applied to bodies or clothing. Picture a food fight or wild mud bath.

Couple with messy faces embrace in the kitchen

X is for Xenophilia

Xenophiliacs are extremely aroused by having sex with people from different countries. The actual definition is an attraction to “the unknown”, or “the strange”.

Y is for Yaoi

Yaoi is a specific genre in fiction, especially Manga and Anime, that focusses on homoerotic relationships between men. It’s become surprisingly popular among a young female audience - to the extent that it’s considered a kink.

Z is for Zoophilia

Zoophiliacs sexually fantasize about non-human animals. It’s different from bestiality because this fetish is kept in the realm of fantasy - as it should be!

Erotic couple in bed in underwear

Did anything on this list of fetishes catch your eye?

Are you confused? Open-minded? Inspired?

If this list of kinks teaches you one thing, let it be this: There are thousands of fetishes out there! And as long as there's enthusiastic consent all round, there’s nothing wrong with letting loose your naughty inner freak.