The 7 Female Masturbation Tips You Need to Self Pleasure

You know how beneficial masturbation is for your health. Just like you know how falling asleep is easier after a little alone time, and that a fail-safe cure for a stressful day is an orgasm.

Here are 7 female masturbation tips that will take your self-pleasure to the next level. These female masturbation tips are meant for those looking to explore their body and get more out of their solo pleasure time. Every vagina is different, but they all deserve attention every now and then. If this sounds like you, read on!

#1: Clit stimulation is everything!

When creating a list of female masturbation tips, it’s impossible not to include clit stimulation. This pearl-sized organ contains thousands of nerve endings – this makes it the most sensitive part of your genitals. It’s typically covered by a hood and found at the top of your vulva where the two inner lips meet.

Woman Masturbating under the jeans

We know where it is, so why is it so often ignored? A lot of women are unable to orgasm through penetration alone, but almost all women can orgasm from clit stimulation. And once you know how to do this yourself, you can teach your partner how to do it.

You don’t need anything fancier than your own fingers. We recommend you close your eyes. This allows you to concentrate fully on your pleasure, which most women need in order to climax (some women can even orgasm through thought alone!). Start by stroking the area around your clit. Lubrication is important if you want to avoid discomfort and get the best sensation.

If your body hasn’t produced enough natural lubrication yet, lick your fingers and lubricate yourself with your own saliva. Then, try creating a “V” with your pointer and middle finger. Slide them up and down the sides of your clitoral shaft. Move your fingers around and vary the pace as you become more excited.

You can also move your fingers around in small circular motions until you find the spot that feels amazing - you’ll know when you find it! Then just keep applying pressure until you orgasm. You’ll be surprised at what your fingers can do.

#2 Sex Toys!

If you haven’t introduced sex toys to the bedroom, then you probably haven’t tried one on yourself, either. Start with the iconic and always dependable sex toy: the vibrator. Its reputation hasn’t come from anywhere! Couples and those looking to pleasure themselves deserve to own a vibrator (or two).

Here’s the thing, when it comes to vibrators, finding “the one” can prove challenging. When you’re first exploring female masturbation, the never-ending choice of sex toys on the market can be overwhelming. We recommend starting with a classic bullet vibrator.

grapefruit with dildo

They are small, discreet and easy to use vibrators (with just an off and on switch) that are designed to stimulate the clitoris, so other things can happen elsewhere! They are generally gentle, but if you are worried about vibrations being too intense you can keep your underwear on and use the vibrator on top.

Once you’ve mastered (or got bored of) the bullet vibrator, you can venture into the world of more serious sex toys. Look online, read reviews, and talk to your friends. Most of these sex toys have been designed by women for the specific purpose of female pleasure, and they do their job well.

#3: Get creative with defining what a toy can be.

Look around you and you’re bound to find something that can be a sex toy. A fail-safe female masturbation tip? Get creative. If you’re home alone, who’s going to know you decided to turn your hairbrush handle into a dildo? Instead of eating that banana, what else can you do with it?

Sort of cucumbers

Think outside the box and you’ll find new ways to pleasure yourself. Electric toothbrushes are a classic vibrator substitute but don’t forget about the phone in your pocket. Find an app that will leave your phone’s vibrate function on.

Your significant other could also help you out by using a penis molding kit. It’ll make for an excellent gift. Especially for the next time you need to orgasm and they are not around.

Do your research before you insert anything into your body to make sure it’s safe. Remember, when you’re horny but low on cash, just about anything can be pleasurable.

#4: Anal play. Why not?

Anal play, is, however, more of a regular sex feature than many people realize. And that’s because it can create new, exciting and unexpected sensations. Now is the time to truly find out if anal play is for you. Who knows? You might enjoy it more than you thought you would.

Start slowly by massaging the outside and inside of your anal opening with your fingers. Then, gently insert one of your fingers into your anus. Alternate between in-and-out and circular motions as you penetrate yourself. For maximum pleasure, we recommend exploring anal play alongside clit or vaginal stimulation.

And don’t forget to lubricate. The anus is not self-lubricating like a vagina.

#5: Use your imagination

Got a special someone that leaves you hot and bothered when you think about them? Female masturbation tip? Your mind is a powerful tool. Use it. What are your fantasies? Now’s the time to start thinking about them.

When you’re super turned on you feel heightened pleasure and orgasm faster.

Get inside your head and think about what the most pleasurable experience would be you could have. Or relive a past sexy encounter. Women in particular need to be mentally as well as physically stimulated in order to orgasm.

Woman aroused

You might be thinking it’s not the same as reality. Well, have you tried? Do you know all the fantasies you would want to explore? Maybe the idea of an encounter with the opposite sex might help you reach climax sooner.

Get your crush inside your head and let your imagination wander. They never need to know...

#6: Use both hands.

When one hand is stimulating your clit, what is the other one doing? Utilizing both hands is an easy way to enhance pleasure. If you enjoy having your nipples pinched during sex, then go ahead and pinch them while masturbating.

The preferred way for many women to achieve orgasm while masturbating is by combining vaginal and clitoral stimulation. You can use your fingers to stimulate your clitoris, then start by stroking the entrance to your vagina with one finger, and then entering yourself with your fingers.

You can also use your sex toy of choice alongside finger penetration - it’s less work for your hands! Mix up your rhythms and try different speeds.

Experiment each time you decide to have a solo pleasure session. There are countless ways for women to orgasm, so be good to yourself and make it your aim to find them all.

#7: Climax control.

Ideally, the goal of masturbation is to climax. Although not in every cases. If you fancy trying something new, get yourself close to orgasm and then stop just short of it.

Close shoot of bitte lips

What’s the point? For one, you are building your tolerance to stimulation. And you are also creating anticipation, which is a pleasurable experience in itself.

Whenever you are withheld from a reward, doesn’t it make it that much more satisfying when you do receive it? The same logic applies here. “Edging” is another name for climax control - you are reaching the edge, and then holding back.

Typically, climax control is part of the BDSM fetish. That doesn’t mean it’s exclusive to it and you can’t practice it when you are pleasuring yourself. If you know sex is bound to happen in your near future, use climax control up until the last moment of orgasm.

It’s a surefire way to make your orgasms mind-shattering.

The bottom line when it comes to female masturbation.

Female masturbation isn’t a taboo topic anymore. That’s why we should all share female masturbation tips! In fact, it’s good for us, and we know it. So take the time to use some or all of these female masturbation tips.

Most importantly, be comfortable with yourself. One of the perks is that you can go at your own pace. Got a stressful deadline coming up? You know the perfect way to relax.