The 10 Benefits of Masturbation.

Masturbation is normal, and in fact, studies have shown both positive physical and mental health benefits. Few negative side effects hinder the overwhelming health benefits of masturbation. Men and women of all ages participate in solo pleasure and is significantly important in healthy sexual development.

Researchers discovered that among adults in the United States, around 63 percent of men and 32 percent of women between 57 and 64 years of age masturbate. Regardless of age, people continue to take advantage of the health benefits masturbation offers. In the young generations around 74 percent of males and 48 percent of females masturbate.

Negative side effects of masturbation.

Some of the common negative side effects tend to affect men more than women. Aggressive masturbation habits lead to chafing or light swelling, commonly known as edema. Another negative side effect of aggressive masturbation habits that both men and women can experience is decreased sensation. People can resolve this over time with a change of technique. Or, by introducing a vibrator to their next solo pleasure session.

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10 Health Benefits of Masturbation.

Few studies have been conducted on the benefits of masturbation. However, research suggests sexual stimulation through masturbation provides health benefits for men and women. Both men and women benefit from masturbation in most ways, whether or not they reach climax. Here is a list of 10 health benefits of masturbation that will help motivate your next solo pleasure session.

#1 Relieve stress.

Above all, most can relate to having a stressful day. Having some alone time can greatly relieve some of the pent-up stress you accumulate over the day.

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#2 Release tension.

Similar to stress, tension can be built up within the body. Muscle aches and cramps plague the body from normal day to day activities. Use nature’s way of releasing some of that tension to help get the knots out of your back.

#3 Enhance sleep quality.

More than a few people can relate to the relaxing feeling a person gets after reaching climax. Use it to your advantage to help not only fall asleep faster but ensure you get a good night’s rest. A stressful day only makes falling asleep that much more difficult. Take care of two problems by simply masturbating before bed.

#4 Boost concentration.

Men are probably more familiar with the term “post-nut clarity” than females are. But sometimes it takes an orgasm to help get back on track. Sexual frustration can hinder a person’s day to day focus. If you can’t take your mind off sex, then take a break to help get rid of some of that frustration. Your clear mind will thank you.

#5 Enhance mood.

It’s difficult to be in a bad mood after an orgasm. After masturbating to climax, endorphins are rushing inside your body. In case you didn’t know, endorphins are also known as the “feel good” chemicals because they can act as a pain reliever and happiness booster.

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#6 Relieve menstrual cramps.

One of the best health benefits of female masturbation is relieving menstrual cramps. This benefit coincides with the endorphin release you experience, along with the enhanced mood. If cramps become unbearable, consider some alone time to help ease some of the pain.

#7 Alleviate pain.

Continuing with pain alleviation, both men and women can benefit from soothing some of the pain they experience by masturbating. However, if you have serious injuries, you might want to avoid self-pleasure. Your body is working to heal itself, and masturbation may put more strain on your body.

#8 Improve sex.

There are multiple ways on how masturbation can improve sex. First off, you have the opportunity to explore your own body and sexuality. Another benefit is to masturbate with a partner. You can learn about each other’s body and what you enjoy. One helpful tip for men is to masturbate in order to last longer in bed. If a man knows sex is a guarantee in the future, he should masturbate beforehand so he will have to work more for an orgasm during sex.

#9 Explore fantasies.

Learn more about yourself by exploring your fantasies. Having some alone time with just you and your deepest desires will improve your sex life with a partner by sharing them together. But first, you have to know what you’re really into. If you get off at certain thoughts, then you know which ones you might want to share. Bondage, role-playing, there are plenty of ideas you can experiment with.

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#10 Prevent STDs.

One of the best health benefits of masturbating is preventing STDs. You can’t catch one if you’re alone.

Masturbating has plenty of health benefits that should comfort you the next time you’re alone. Never feel ashamed or guilty - even if you are in a relationship. Masturbation is a completely normal thing that many people perform. Considering the many benefits to your health, masturbation may help resolve a problem or two you might be having now.