Types of Vagina Revealed: Which One is Yours?

What’s your vagina type? What, you don’t know? How could you not know? Early on, women are taught their vagina is their own precious secret not to be talked about. Well, this article is to help women discover more about their bodies, starting with their vagina type.

According to most bikini waxing professionals, there are five different vagina types. They should know since they see them on a day to day basis. Because of this insight into the world of vaginas, these professionals have come up with five different names to group the different types of vaginas.

If you and your downstairs friend haven’t had to chance to meet, now is the time to grab a mirror and find out which type you have. 

The most common vagina type will shock you. Keep reading to find out which.

Types of Vaginas.

1. Visible Inner Lips – Flower Bud About To Bloom.

The visible inner lips type is self-explanatory. This vulva will have protruding inner lips that run the length of the labia majora, which sweep to either side. Imagine a tulip unraveling as it begins to bud. Keep in mind, the labia minora is only slightly visible with this type. Nothing is necessarily hanging out, just kind of visible. 

Ms. Tulip is another common name for this type of vagina, which leads to the next type. Ms. Curtains.

Visible Inner Lips

2. Prominent Inner/Outer Lips – Long Drapes.

The most common vagina type is the prominent inner or outer lips. Ms. Curtains is another name for this type. And for a good reason, because either labia majora or minora are prominent when looking at the vagina as a whole and is typical if the lips are not symmetrical. 

If you fall into the asymmetrical camp, don’t worry because you are not the only one. Unfortunately, beauty standards have had it out for Ms. Curtains for quite some time. If only more knew that this is the most common type of vagina. 

To many, it’s a surprise Ms. Curtains is the most common. As a matter of fact, over half the population of women have a Ms. Curtains. Yeah, as in half the population has a labia minora that just hangs there. Interesting stuff when you think about it.

Prominent Inner/Outer Lips

3. Small Closed/Open Lips – All packed in.

The most “desired” is actually the rarest of all the types. Best known as Ms. Barbie, the small closed lips type is the most desired partly because of porn. Yes, porn has somehow set the standard on what a vagina is “supposed” to look like to be attractive. 

A Ms. Barbie type of vagina is known for a completely hidden and concealed labia minora. The open lip-type has a small gap that exposes the labia minora but is essentially identical. 

The outer lips, labia majora, tend to be more on the flat side and rest up against the pubic bone. Kind of like a Barbie doll. Where do you think the name came from after all?

Small Closed/Open Lips

4. Curved Outer Lips - Puffy.

Next up is Ms. Horseshoe. This type of vagina opening looks wider at the top. What this means is the labia minora is slightly revealed and may be seen. But it rarely tends to hang below the outer lips. For the labia majora, however, it closes at the bottom. The overall appearance of this type resembles an upside-down horseshoe. 

Any woman wearing leggings will know whether or not they have this type for sure. Ever heard the phrase – camel toe? 

5. Asymmetrical Inner Lips – Lopsided lips.

As mentioned previously on this list, asymmetrical labia minora is when one side of the labia minora hangs lower than the other. Surprisingly, this type of vagina is very common, and may actually be the most common. It’s when you have one curtain longer than the other in your house. Things tend to look a little lopsided. That’s ok, though.

Exposed lips are more common than you think, and sometimes they don’t match in length.

Either Ms. Tulip or Ms. Curtains can be asymmetrical. In fact, a labia minora can be as long as 5 inches and as wide as 3 inches wide.

Asymmetrical Inner Lips

Different types of vaginas.

Now is a good time to dispel the myth that a Ms. Barbie is what a classic, normal vagina looks like. Some outspoken celebrities have gone to the extreme about their vagina reconstruction surgery to obtain a Ms. Barbie. Which may be because of the beauty standard set by the porn industry. When, in reality, an asymmetrical, beautiful Ms. Curtains is the norm. 

“Normal” looking vaginas are a myth. Vaginas come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Hopefully, you got out that mirror only to determine what vagina type you have, and not to compare. 

Everyone is self-conscious about their body. However, that doesn’t mean you should automatically seek out a plastic surgeon if what you saw in the mirror isn’t exactly what you asked for.

As long as nothing hurts down there, then you are completely normal. No one is more worried about the appearance of your vagina more than you are. There are different types of vaginas, but they function the same. Looks don’t matter.