Start Giving Your Perineum The Love It Deserves

Whether you call it the gooch, taint, or perineum, you’ve probably wondered a few things about this mysterious patch of skin. What is the perineum? What’s it for? And how can you explore this underrated erogenous zone?

Learning about the perineum can help you give your partner pleasure and mind-altering orgasms with a few strokes. This is your all-encompassing introduction to the perineum and how to give it the stimulation it deserves.

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What is the Perineum?

The perineum is the small patch between the genitals and the anus. It’s only about 1 inch long and probably covered in pubic hair, but it’s not impossible to find!

When you press it from the outside, you’ll feel the perineal muscle, the central tendon of the perineum. The perineum’s anatomical function is to support the pelvic floor and the bottom of the pelvic cavity that holds internal organs such as your intestines and bladder.

Its muscles and nerves play a role in sexual function, urine, and excretion.

The Taint: a Secret Erotic Hotspot

Alfred Kinsey (inventor of the famous Kinsey Scale) famously classified the perineum as a male erogenous zone back in the 1940s.

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The perineum is an erogenous zone for both sexes because it’s full of erotic nerve endings. However, perineum stimulation is particularly pleasurable for penis owners because it sits next to and indirectly stimulates the male prostate.

If your lover has an anal prostate but isn’t ready or turned on by the idea of anal penetration, you can pleasure their prostate externally via the perineum.

Perineum orgasms are possible, but they tend to take practice and patience, and not everyone can achieve them. For most people, perineum stimulation is best when combined with other types of stimulation.

Perineum Stimulation: How to Pleasure this Overlooked Erogenous Zone

Whether you’re venturing to this erogenous zone solo or exploring your partner’s taint, here’s how to achieve maximum perineum pleasure.

Warm up with gentle stroking and licking

As with any sexual act, warming up is essential. Arouse your lover’s mind and body in their favourite ways, whether that’s making out or dirty talk, before turning your attention to their genitals.

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Give some attention to the penis/vulva and slowly stroke your fingers or tongue down to the perineum. Start with tantalising strokes to build tension and get their nerves tingling and blood flowing.

Apply firm pressure

For some people, the perineum is very sensitive and only soft touches feed good. But for most people, especially penis owners, perineum stimulation is best when firm.

You’ll be able to feel the solid shape of the perineal muscle beneath the skin, which you’ll have to massage for them to feel pressure on their prostate. With one or two fingers or your thumb, steadily give a taint massage the area with a back and forth rhythm or a repeated forward stroke.

Avoid ‘poking’

Most perineums don’t respond well to digging or poking actions. Instead, apply pressure with a flat surface, such as the flat front of your thumb. If everyone’s ready, increase the intensity by massaging with the flat tops of your knuckles. 

Edge towards the anus

If your partner is comfortable with some butt play, you can involve their butt in the male perineum massage session. But with much softer strokes! This can mean sliding your fingers down to stroke or circle their anus, or taking your tongue down there to really get them moaning.

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Combine perineum with other genital stimulation

As we said, perineum play feels best when combined with other sexy fun, like a handjob, fingering, a blow job, or anal play. Adding perineum stimulation to things you already enjoy in the bedroom can lead to powerful blended orgasms

If your partner has a penis, pressing firmly into their taint when they’re about to orgasm will feel very intense. For some people, too intense!

Add a sex toy or two

Vibrators feel incredible when used on the perineum because they pleasure the external nerve endings but also hit deep into the prostate. If your lover has a penis, combining vibration on the perineum with anal play will give them strong new waves of feeling and intense perineum orgasms.

If you’re enjoying your taint massage journey, try a prostate massage toy. The best prostate massagers are designed to apply firm vibrations to the perineum while penetrating the anus, which leads to double-whammy prostate pleasure.

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If you or your partner isn’t able to orgasm from perineum play on the first or second time, or ever, don’t fret. Not everyone will have perineum orgasms and reaching climax shouldn’t be the goal of perineum stimulation.

It’s about discovering the surprising potential of a new body part, seeing how it works and finding satisfying ways to incorporate it into your lovemaking.