Santaphilia: Can Santa Claus Be… Sexy?

Santa Claus, Old Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kinky Santa… whatever you call him, and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you’ll likely know him as the jolly old man who flies the skies with his sleigh, reindeer entourage, sack of gifts, and festive spirit.

But can he be a beloved childhood and a kinky santa sex icon? The short answer is: yes.

If the idea of a Santa Claus with sex appeal is hard to wrap your head around, we get it. But you might be surprised to learn that many folks get tingles (not the festive kind) at the sight of this bearded man in a slick red uniform.

Let’s open our minds and learn why santaphilia is not as inexplicable as it seems.

Santa claus blowing flakes

What is Santaphilia?

Specifically, the term ‘santaphilia’ refers to extreme sexual attraction to Santa Claus. In broader terms, someone with a santa fetish can experience sexual inclination towards or gratification from Santa Claus and/or any of his traits.

Kinks and fetishes exist on a spectrum. So while a Santa fetish technically refers to someone with a near-obsessive desire for old Saint Nick, the term can also be used for people turned on by their lover in a sexy Santa costume, Santa role-play scenarios, his provider role, or fantastical uniform.

Why do people find Santa Claus sexy?

As with other kinks, fetishes, and sexual inclinations, the reasons behind a naughty Santa fetish can’t be singularly defined. The psychology behind santaphilia will come from a combination of factors, including personal experiences, aesthetic tastes, cultural influences, and more.

Some people just have a thing for big beards. Others have a thing for older, larger men or for uniforms. While each person’s naughty Santa psychology is unique to them, there are a few common reasons why some people get excited about sitting on Santa’s lap.

1. The authoritative father figure

It’s no secret that heterosexual women are frequently drawn, not to their father, but to fatherly characteristics, many of which are embodied by Father Christmas.

While some folk’s Santa kink can stem from childhood difficulties, being drawn to his fatherly traits does not mean someone has ‘daddy issues.’

Father Christmas is nurturing, powerful, and giving (literally). He embodies warmth, safety, and security. In short, he’s the ultimate pleasure provider. What’s hotter than that?

Close up torso man in santa costume

Nonetheless, feeling sexual attraction toward a figure associated with childhood and family is undeniably a bit taboo.

But what have we learned from decades of social and psychological studies? That lots of us are drawn to (or turned on by) something simply because we know we shouldn’t be. Naughty, indeed.

2. Submission (and dominance)

The protective authority of Santa Claus can ignite submissive tendencies in those of us who are turned on by relinquishing power and submitting to a dominant figure.

Sitting on his lap, waiting for him to decide, with intimidating power, whether you’re on the nice or naughty list, to bestow gifts (or punishment)... these imbue kinky Santa with stereotypically masculine authority and align him with traits of a typical BDSM dom.

3. Fantasy and unattainability

Santa Claus isn’t real. Sorry.

This childhood realization can be devastating, but Santa being a mythic figure makes him perfect for fanciful and sexy projections.

Any desires and fantasies involving a Santa fetish feel safe because we know it’s not reality and never could be.

On top of this is his costume. It’s recognizable, but no one knows what lies beneath the red uniform or those thick white locks. This element of mystery makes him the perfect figure to project any sexual fantasies you like.

Red fluffy handcuffs with key pink background

4. Pop culture

Pop culture is hard to avoid, especially during the Christmas holidays.

And once you start noticing pop culture’s decade-long fetishization of Santa Claus, you can’t stop seeing it.

Cheeky festive lingo like naughty or nice lends itself to eroticism. And we can’t ignore the innuendo in songs and lyrics like Santa Baby, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Santa coming down Kylie Minogue’s chimney, or movies like Bad Santa.

And, of course, the vast array of kinky Santa outfits available this time of year.

Exploring your sexual Santa fantasies

If you want to dip your toe into your Santa fetish, there are many ways to do it.

You can start getting in the mood by watching festive-themed erotic videos or an adult Christmas movie.

You can talk with your partner about shared fantasies, outfits, scenarios, or role-plays you both want to try, or go a step further by incorporating Santa into your dirty talk, agree on sexy punishments, or bring in other BDSM elements and toys.

Woman smiling blowing kiss in Santa hat

There’s no denying this mythical icon has many guises

He might be a childhood hero, but he’s also an adult sex icon. We said it!

Whether you daydream about sitting on kinky Santa’s lap or seeing your lover in a skimpy red costume, you’re not alone. There are many fun places to take your fantasies, have a hot Christmas date, and escape the seasonal stress this year.

Merry Christmas, kinksters!