Food Play: 8 Foods to Bring to the Bedroom

What’s better than food and sex? Food and sex together. Food play is fun, pleasurable, and sometimes downright filthy, and it’s a sure-fire way to bring extra excitement to the bedroom.

There are loads of tasty ways to incorporate food and sexual play. Here are 8 of the best sexy foods and how to enjoy them.

Woman eating strawberry on pink background

Why combine food and sex?

Novelty is a reason enough to bring food into the bedroom. Plus the fact that it’s combining two activities that are inherently pleasurable: eating and having sex. But there are other reasons to do it!

Sensation play

Bringing food into the bedroom is a great way to explore sensation and temperature play. The different textures and temperatures of foods feel really good when used all over the body.

It’s visually stimulating

Picture this: you walk into the bedroom and see your partner covered in nothing but whipped cream. Need we say more?

It’s tasty, of course

Who wouldn’t enjoy eating their favorite chocolate off their lover’s naked butt? No one! Food play is incredibly satisfying because it combines the pleasurable feelings of sex and physical connection with the enjoyment we get from the taste and endorphins of certain foods.

Couple chatting in kitchen near fruit bowl

It’s naughty, filthy, and a bit kinky

Remember when we weren’t allowed to play with our food? Part of the appeal of food play is throwing aside your inhibitions and getting dirty, messy, and wet with your lover.

There’s actually a fetish devoted to playing with food called sploshing. This food kink involves totally smothering someone’s body with all kinds of foods. It’s part of the wet and messy fetish.

How to explore food play

Before coating each other with the contents of your fridge, prepare your space. It will inevitably get a bit messy, so we recommend laying down towels and avoid using your fancy sheets.

Feed each other

Putting food in someone’s mouth is intimate and will definitely get you and your lover hot for each other. You can start this at dinner, then take the food (and sex) into the bedroom.

Feed it to each other while making eye contact. Take the food into your mouth as sensually as you can. Throw in some lip licking, finger sucking, and nibbling and you’ll be ripping each other’s clothes off before the mouthful’s over.

Man feeding woman in kitchen

Increase the kink by blindfolding each other and doing naked taste tests, followed by suitable punishments and rewards…

Drip it all over their body

Have you ever dripped warm wax down a lover’s body? With food play, you can do this with anything liquid. Focus the drips on their erogenous zones or where you know they like to be touched. Make it extra kinky by tying your sub down while you do it…

Eat and lick food off each other’s bodies

After you’ve dripped warm chocolate all over your lover, licking inevitably follows. You can also place solid foods around their body, then eat them off.

Make it more interesting by doing the eating/licking handsfree, and by pleasuring their body, including their genitals, with your mouth while consuming the food.

Being licked all over is an unbelievable form of foreplay and creates delicious anticipation.

Couple laughing in shower together

Finish with a sexy shower

Once your sexy and messy session is over, clean off in the best possible way: a shared shower!

Don’t forget about health and safety

When picking the foods to bring into sex, consider temperatures, allergies, and stickiness, and don’t put food items in or near the vagina or anus.

If you’re really curious about penetration using a food item, make sure it is something that can’t break off inside, and use a condom. Remember that coconut oil degrades latex condoms, so don’t combine the two.

It’s important to keep hot, sugary, spicy, garlic, onion, and alcoholic things far away from your sensitive and private areas as not only will it be uncomfortable, but it can lead to infections.

Couple kissing in kitchen

8 foods that are perfect for food play

Whipped cream

We know this is a classic, but it’s a classic for a reason. The texture feels wonderful on the skin, it’s easy to spray, and it leaves minimal residue. Spray it on your lover’s erogenous zones - thighs, neck, nipples, etc - and lick off.

Get a step closer to their genitals with each spray and lick until you reach the jackpot.


Chocolate is a well-known mood booster and aphrodisiac. Melt and dribble it across your lover. Try dribbling it over their mouth before licking, or rather, kissing, it off, or eating velvety truffles out of each other’s mouths.

Ice cream toppings

Ice creams are perfect for dripping and licking because they come in handy bottles and in various fun flavors to choose from. Try playing a game where you write words or shapes on each other’s backs and guess what is written.


Honey is another one that’s perfect for dripping. You’ll either love or hate the stickiness. For some people, it’s too much, but for others the mess it makes only adds to the sexiness.

Honey being poured on woman's back

A great food sex game involves placing a bit of honey somewhere on your naked body and getting your lover to find it with their mouth.

A popsicle

A simple popsicle is perfect for enjoying sensation play. Trace it around your lover’s body to give them shivery tingles. If you’re feeling confident, tease them by simulating a blowjob and making your mouth ice-cold before going in for the real thing.

Fresh herbs

This one seems strange but trust us. Fresh herbs like basil or mint not only smell nice but are also perfect for tickling up and down your partner’s body. Like a feather you can eat!

Man romantically feeds woman strawberry


Fresh fruit is great for food play. Strawberries are a classic, but other popular ones include cherries, watermelon, and grapes. With any of these, you can feed each other, eat them off each other’s bodies, or pass them from your mouth to theirs.

Candy necklace

Remember candy necklaces from your childhood? Now there’s an adult way to enjoy them. Wear one around your neck, or better yet, your thigh, and let your partner nibble their way to heaven.

Like with anything kinky, the possibilities with food play are endless. Explore different foods and body parts and incorporate your own elements, like toys, games, or powerplay, to take it to the next level.

Food and sex? Yes!