Discover the Agonising Pleasure of Sexual Tickling

With its unique combination of thrill and discomfort, sexual tickling is popular among many kinds of kinky and regular folk.

People with a tickle fetish, or Knismolagnia, get aroused or feel sexual pleasure from being tickled, tickling others, or watching someone get tickled.

What exactly is tickling? It’s a peculiar form of stimulation that comes from light touches to sensitive body parts like the armpits, feet, and stomach. It can have a profound physical and emotional effect, inciting uncontrollable laughter and physical sensation that is both pleasurable and agonizing.

Woman touching stomach in white underwear in bed

The tickle fetish’s particular combination of pain and pleasure, and the power dynamics inherent in one person rendering another vulnerable, makes tickling popular in the BDSM community.

Many studies have shown that tickling only incites pleasure between people who are familiar with each other, so being tickled by a stranger won’t feel the same.

5 Thrilling Ways to Explore Your Tickling Fetish

1. Start with the tickle fetish basics: hands and fingers

In classic tickling style, use your fingers to softly touch common tickle zones like the bottoms of the feet, armpits, rib cage, stomach, inner thighs, and behind the knees.<

You can try this tickle fetish play as part of foreplay, sex, kissing, or as an activity on its own to see how it feels. Embrace the giggles!

Keep it playful and explorative to find your partner’s most sensitive zones. Up the ante by using your nails to trail or scratch, and, when the time comes, move to spicier locations like the nipples, buttocks, and genitalia.

Man tickling laughing woman in bed at home

2. Use your mouth and tongue

Sexual tickling can quickly become more intense by exchanging your fingers for your mouth and tongue.

The tongue is a great tickle fetish tool because it’s soft, tender, and firm. And, of course, touching the skin with the tongue is intimate and sexy.

You can also create a different type of tickling kink sensation and pleasurable pain by using your teeth to nibble lightly.

3. Find a soft, textured object

The tickling kink is all about sensation, which makes light, textured objects a great addition to this type of play.

You can try sexual tickling with homemade sex toys like feather dusters, hairbrushes, paintbrushes, real feathers, and even smaller objects like Q tips and soft pencils. Make sure you don’t use anything that can pierce the skin.

White feather on pink serene background

4. Use a vibrating toy

The joys of vibrators never end!

Most of us know the wonderful effect of vibration on and around sexual organs, but they can also feel thrilling when used on other body parts, especially common tickle fetish and erogenous zones like the groin area, around the breasts, and between the thighs.

You can use a vibrator, or even a (clean!) electric toothbrush to trace the body and discover what sensations happen where.

5. BDSM tickle torture

BDSM tickle torture is enjoyed frequently between consenting dominants and submissives in the BDSM community. In most cases, a dom tickles a sub until it feels so pleasurably torturous, they can’t take it anymore.

Erotic humiliation is involved in many scenes. A sub is often tied up naked with restraints, and toys like blindfolds can also enhance the hot power play of the scene.

BDSM slave woman in lingerie and handcuffs

Because sexual tickling toes that line between pain and pleasure, safewords and communication about desires and boundaries are crucial to making sexual tickling safe and satisfying.

Each body is unique. Some people aren’t ticklish at all, while others are ticklish all over. Spend time exploring each other’s bodies to learn which spots thrill you the most and how to stop when it becomes too much.