Handcuffs Handcuffs Fetish

With the new mainstream availability of bondage acceptance, handcuffs have become a popular fetish device. Whether it is a couple trying to spice up their love life, or a single person wanting to get involved in a new sexual world, the handcuff is a symbol and the go-to accessory for that newly-expressed need for excitement. They want to break away from the ordinary and open up their minds to a whole new world.

Handcuffs are used in bondage play. The person being handcuffed will have no control over what is done to them. In reality, anyone participating in bondage play should have a safe word so they can stop the scene at any time. There is still that sense of giving up control to someone else. The other person holds the key to freedom. Men and women might switch up and both experiment with being handcuffed.

Casual experimentation

Couples using handcuffs to spice up their love life may feel like recently they have been in a rut. Years of marriage, the daily grind of children and work can make a couple forget their sexual connection. Handcuffs are a fun way to put the focus back on their sexuality. Either side of the couple could need the release from always being in control. Handcuffs add a playful element to sex.

Being handcuffed might be combined with being blindfolded for a real loss of sensation and control. This might be a time to give her the fantasy she has been talking about for years, or it might be the perfect opportunity to give him exactly what he has wanted. Of course, the fantasy for each couple is different, but the opportunity to create a fantasy experience is universal.

To avoid complications, the handcuffs should always be checked to be sure the keys are handy. The keys should be close by and easily accessible. The cuffs should not be too tight. They can cut off circulation and pinch nerves in the wrist if not handled correctly.

BDSM play

For those into serious bondage play, the handcuffs are about a loss of control. The person applying the handcuffs is in charge, at the very least, during that scene. That loss of control and power exchange is the essence of most bondage play. The one who is handcuffed is the "bottom" during the scene and has given their power to the "top" when they allowed themselves to be cuffed.

Serious bondage, whether in a relationship or in a scene between strangers at a gathering, is often about stretching the boundaries of what is comfortable. It can be scary but a thrilling adventure too. Aside from rope and other restraints, handcuffs have the bonus of being instantly recognizable. The clang and jingle of revealing handcuffs has an instantaneous reaction for most. When those cuffs come out, someone is getting restrained.

Handcuffs are symbolic of who is in control. That symbolic sense of control comes from handcuffs being used by policemen and policewomen. They are a symbol of authority, and when used for sexual play, that sense of authority is translated to the scene.

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