10 Types Of Panties Every Woman Should Know About

Here at Pantydeal there is one thing that’s always on our mind: panties. We love all different types of panties! There, we said it.

And it’s no wonder. We wear panties every single day. And (hopefully) a different pair each day. This means that panties are the most important, but underrated, item in your wardrobe. We’d be nothing without panties!

For most of us, our underwear drawers are a messy clump of panties, bras, and memories we’d rather forget. And most of us don’t know anything about them. Could you name more than 4 different types of women’s panties? Do you know what types of panties are in your drawer right now? Do you know what you’re actually buying when you pick up that “Cotton Bikini-style Multipack” at the store?

For most women, the answer is no. And it’s important to change this because the right pair of panties can affect your day, your self-confidence and your attitude towards your body. The right pair of panties can bring you comfort during your time of the month, make you re-discover your love for your amazing butt, and bring the heat to a night of passion.

Types of panties infographic

There is a Panty Style for Everyone.

There are almost too many different types of panties to choose from. And each style will suit your body in a different way. It’s important to ask yourself: what panty style makes me feel my best?

So, in the name of body positivity, we bring you a list of 10 of the most common different types of panties - for every occasion, body shape and comfort level. Because your butt deserves the best.

10 Different Types of Panties to Suit Every Occasion.

Classic brief.

Out of all women’s underwear types, these panties are certainly classics. You might know them as “granny panties”, and if you’re a “comfort” sort of girl, there are probably plenty of these in your underwear drawer. They offer lots of front and back coverage and are frequently high-waisted. The comfortable nature of this style means they tend to be made from comfortable fabrics - cotton, nylon, microfiber.

Their popularity means you buy them in almost any clothing store for fairly cheap - so don’t worry if they’re ruined by your time of the month! 

These panties have got your back (and your butt).

White panties brief style
  • Wear with: Anything apart from body-hugging clothing - these panties carry with them VPL (Visible Panty Line) potential.
  • When to wear: When you’ve got your period, or just fancy feeling comfortable and secure down there. 


These panties take their shape from men’s underwear. They are rectangular in shape with a low-cut waist-band (generally resting on the hip), and they extend downwards to cover the top of the thigh. With boy shorts, basically none of your butt is on show - they are functional and secure. Nothing escapes the boyshorts.

Like the classic brief, they are designed for comfort and are generally available in comfortable fabrics. You’re unlikely to find an all-over lace pair of boy shorts.

Women panties boxer style
  • Wear with: Skirts and dresses - clothing that doesn’t offer any “private-part” coverage on their own.
  • When to wear: Windy days (because of the coverage we talked about…), and when you’ve got your period or just want to treat yourself to a hassle-free day.


With hipsters, again, it’s in the name (and no, we’re not talking about latte-drinking, mustache-bearing hipsters!). These types of panties rest on your hips and, like boyshorts, extend fairly low down the leg. And they provide full coverage at the back as well as the sides. Sometimes your butt just wants to feel safe!
Woman butt legs hipster panties

  • Wear with: Kind of anything, but beware of a panty line. Hipsters are especially good with low-rise trousers, as they will make sure you don’t have a panty-showing-over-the-top-of-jeans type situation.
  • When to wear: On your period or when you want to forget you’re even wearing panties.


Thongs, finally! To some, thongs are the holy grail of panties. To others, they just go up your butt - and stay there. But their sexy reputation isn’t undeserved. Thongs have a triangular material section that covers your crotch, thin sides which rest at or just above the hip-bone, and a T-shaped string at the back. 

They really show off your butt and legs, making them a favorite of women the world over. Given their sexy status, they often come in more exciting materials and colors. Is there anything sexier than a lacy red thong?

  • Wear with: Most things, but especially tight-fitting clothes, like pencil skirts, leggings, and bodycon dresses, because they are generally invisible under clothing. Goodbye VPL!
  • When to wear: For some, every day. But if risque underwear isn’t really your thing, thongs are good for a sexy special occasion, for surprising a lover, or just for really feeling yourself! Probably not for wear during your period if leaking is something you worry about.

French cut/High-rise.

These panties are favorites of those who enjoy a more vintage look, or who find high-waisted clothing the most figure-flattering. The panty line comes up to the waist, making them comfortable for women who are less confident about their stomachs. They have high cut leg holes that sit just above the widest part of the thigh - meaning they give the impression of longer legs.

They are similar to the classic brief but they tend to show more leg and butt. When it comes to women’s underwear types, these are certainly some of the cutest.

Red lace panties with romantic box of gifts
  • Wear with: High-waisted trousers and basically apart from body-hugging clothing. They have the potential of a visible panty line around the waist.
  • When to wear: You want to be comfortable but also show off and flatter your body. Lounging around the flat with a new lover, perhaps? Valentine’s Day might be gone but there’s never a bad time to take the romance up a notch.


G-strings are similar to thongs but offer even less coverage (probably the least of all common panty styles), and consequently more raunch. They differ from thongs in that the material that covers the sides and the butt is much thinner. They cover your vagina and basically stop there - they are arguably the sexiest of all types of panties.

As with thongs, they really show off your butt and legs. However, the fact that they rest between the butt cheeks means they can be uncomfortable for some women - but incredibly comfortable for others! Like thongs, you can find G-strings in all kinds of fun and flirty fabrics.

  • Wear with: Again, anything, but especially body-hugging clothing as they generally promise no visible panty line. For some, they can be uncomfortable with denim clothing.
  • When to wear: Probably not on your period as they offer very little coverage. They are great for sexy, special occasions because they flatter your butt and leave (satisfyingly) little to the imagination.

Control brief.

Control briefs are similar in shape and comfort level to classic briefs, but they take your security more seriously. They are generally high-waisted and designed to suck-in, tighten up and flatten out your stomach, waist, and butt. Some styles rise up to sit just beneath your boobs, whilst others cinch in at the waist. When it comes to types of panties, these provide the fullest coverage and are designed to be worn underneath tight (and unforgiving) clothing.

  • Wear with: Tight clothing, bodycon dresses, high-waisted skirts - anything that tends to hug you in the wrong places.
  • When to wear: Special occasions, but ones that might not end in sex. Control briefs aren’t always easy to take off and cast aside in the heat of the moment. Think more: peeling an old sticker off a jar.

Brazilian Brief.

Brazilian briefs have qualities of both a hipster and a thong. They rest on the hip and the back cuts across the butt cheek, meaning they show more butt than the hipster style, but less than the thong. In other words, they have a fairly average level of revealing-ness.

This is a popular women’s underwear type in Brazil, hence the name. Their style is elegant and subtly sexy.

  • Wear with: Basically anything! But be wary of a VPL if you’re wearing particularly tight clothing.
  • When to wear: Anytime, any place. These panties are incredibly versatile, offering in equal measure coverage and sex appeal.


The bikini style is similar to the Brazilian and classic brief styles. Bikini, however, has more butt coverage than the Brazilian, but less than the classic brief. They are slightly more high-waisted than other panties, cutting just above the hip bone, and with slim sides - making them flattering for the butt and legs.

They are very versatile, and you probably own a few pairs of these without knowing it! Stylish, comfy, and subtly sexy: bikini panties are an all-round-reliable women’s underwear type.

  • Wear with: Basically anything! But, like with the Brazilian and classic brief, look out for a VPL when wearing particularly body-hugging clothing.
  • When to wear: All the time! They offer enough coverage and comfort to suit most daily activities (including workouts), and enough suggestiveness to show off your body in front of a lover.


Yes, seamless panties exist! These are arguably the most comfortable panties on the market. They are generally quite “big” panties but come in varying shapes. They are designed to quite literally have no seam and no visible lines or stitches, making them like a second skin.

This means they don’t dig into your skin in weird, uncomfortable places, and they are invisible underneath most clothing.

Young women in underwear
  • Wear with: Anything! Seriously!
  • When to wear: When you really don’t want anyone to be thinking about what type of panties you’re wearing, like formal meetings formal family occasions.

Have you picked a favorite yet?

These 10 different types of panties have got you covered for every scenario imaginable. And we recommend investing in multiple pairs for every occasion, because you can never have too many. And panties have a tendency to vanish unexpectedly; in the wash, after one night stands… we know.

If you’re a seller on Pantydeal, let this list inspire you! Revitalize your store and your style, and treat your buyers on the way.

But most of all, be prepared: with your new-found panty confidence, you never know what adventures your panties will take you on. Crotchless panties? One day.