A playlist to set the mood this Valentine’s Day

Set the mood this Valentine’s Day with our romantic playlist!

February is here. And for all you lovers out there, that means one thing: Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re planning an adventurous evening out or an intimate night in, the right playlist will set the tone for the evening (and hopefully keep Valentine’s day 2021 in the diary…). To help you out, our team of passion-professionals has put together a 2 and a half hour playlist of love songs to soundtrack any romantic rendez-vous. Get ready to enjoy classic ballads, sexy beats, and modern pop hits.

For couples who cringe at the sight of a heart-shaped chocolate box and an oversized stuffed toy, we know the feeling! Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be all about expensive gifts and PDAs. It’s about celebrating love (and sex, duh). Nothing gets those fuzzy feelings going like some romantic tunes. And don’t stop your evening there! See where the music takes you. Because trust us, nothing reignites the magic like a well-soundtracked strip-tease.

If you’re trying to impress a new flame? Let our playlist do the work. Switch it on and pretend to be the music guru you always thought you were. Watch the sparks fly.

For those of you going solo this V Day, there’s only one thing to do. Press play and celebrate yourself - if you know what we mean… 

Happy Valentine’s Day!