Discover the Magic of Erotic ASMR

ASMR is all over the internet, but what is this sensory craze all about, and how can it make sex even more spine-tingling?

ASMR microphone with feather on pink background

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. In simple terms, it refers to experiencing physically and emotionally relaxing, pleasurable, and tingling sensations in response to sight, sound, and touch triggers.

ASMR is a phenomenon that is hard to define, and we still don’t know exactly why the sound of something like scratching can send blissful tingles down your spine.

But many people around the world report experiencing goosebumps and a pleasurable relaxing feeling spread across their skull, back of the neck, down their spine and even into their limbs in response to ASMR triggers.

You may have seen Youtube videos with millions of views showing people tapping, stroking and whispering into the camera, eating or drinking, or running their hands across skin, with ultra-sensitive microphones that let viewers see and hear every minute detail magnified.

Each person’s response is unique to them. But common triggers include soft tapping or typing sounds, whispering, close eye contact, having their hair brushed or stroked, scratching, scrunching, and humming sounds.

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Erotic ASMR

As you can imagine, the experience of ASMR is already very close to arousal - tingling skin, waves of pleasure and relaxation… So it’s no wonder introducing ASMR into sex creates new levels of powerful sensation, immersivity, and connectedness.

Erotic ASMR sex is about exploring what triggers turn you on and incorporating them into any part of sex you choose, though it’s a particularly effective type of foreplay.

Here are 8 different ways to incorporate erotic ASMR into your sex life.

8 Spine-tingling Ways to Explore Sexy ASMR

1. Heavy breathing

Heavy breathing is a quintessential sound of sex. Hearing the deep breaths of people in the throws of passion can be a huge turn-on. So when you’re getting in the mood, get your partner to close their eyes and do your best hot and heavy breathing into their ear.

Add authentic soft moaning, licking, and sucking sounds to simulate oral sex for extra auditory pleasure.

2. Whispering

Imagine dirty talk whispered straight into your ear? Yes, please!

Whispering is a common trope in ASMR videos. It’s incredibly ambient, soothing, and amazing for creating intense intimacy and close proximity.

Close up couple kissing lip bite

For the most impact, hold them close and whisper what you’re about to do to them…

3. Blowing on the skin

Blowing is another common sexy ASMR trigger because the soft sound of air blowing out the mouth and the cool, feather-light feeling it produces on skin can be heavenly.

For great sexual ASMR encounters, try blowing on sensitive parts or erogenous zones.

4. Hair play

Most people love having their hair stroked, brushed, or pulled. The scalp is a highly sensitive body area and a prime spot for sexual ASMR pleasure.

Use your fingernails, be as light and tantalising as possible. Focus on each strand, each stroke, and send your lover into a world of paradise.

Got a hair fetish? This one is definitely for you.

5. Go underwater

The sounds of water can easily become sensual. Get your lover in the shower or bath and play around with the movements and sounds of water being stirred or dripped against skin.

Woman relaxing in bath with flowers

6. Stroking, scratching, and tickling

These types of touch can be applied anywhere on the head, face, and body and have a lot of possibilities.

Focus on the sound of finger against skin. Lightly trace their lips, neck, nipples, spine… anywhere that feels good, especially erogenous zones.

7. Sensation play

Sensation play is a specific type of kinky play that is inherently connected to ASMR. It’s about exploring the senses with techniques like temperature play, and tools like ice, candle wax, silk scarves, feathers, and massage oils on the skin.

8. Sensual massage

Sensual massage is an undeniably hot way to get your mind and body relaxed and in the mood.

Increase the sexy ASMR element of the massage by making each touch slow and considered, using special massage oils like scented or tingling, and whispering something dirty in their ear while you do it.

Couple holding hands in bed

When it comes to sexy ASMR, it’s all about letting yourself go to the moment, paying attention, and playing around. It is an amazingly hypnotic addition to any sex, but especially types of play like edging, body worship, and primal play.

Erotic ASMR is a world of sensory possibilities with blissful, arousing, and even healing effects on the mind and body.