Hair Fetish - Why People Are Turned On By Hair

So, you really like having your hair played with? We get it. For many people, hair is attractive, pleasurable, and even erotic. And for people with a hair fetish, hair can be seriously arousing. Orgasmic, even!

Man playing with girlfriend's long hair

What is a hair fetish?

A hair fetish, also called trichophilia, is an attraction to or arousal from human hair. It can be about any type of human hair - head, armpit, leg, chest, facial, pubic…

Fetishes for specific types of human hair, like pubephilia (which doesn’t need to be explained), have specific names. Trichophilia is the umbrella term to refer to a kink for any human hair. However, the most commonly desired hair in this category is head hair.

Like with any fetish, trichophilia is different for every person. Just touching particularly appealing hair can cause a serious trichophile to orgasm. Other people might experience a small tingle of pleasure when their lover pulls their hair during sex.

Man strokes girlfriends hair in bedroom

Hair has an erotic history

Hair has erotic value in many cultures. Specifically, long female hair has been seen as beautiful, sacred, sensual, and even dangerous throughout periods of time, and in some cultures still today. Unsurprisingly, the long hair fetish is prevalent even today.

Traditionally, long hair has connoted femininity, and short hair, masculinity, though this is fast becoming outdated. Though hair has lost some of its gendered significance, it still carries appealing connotations of youth, health, beauty, freedom, style, and even comfort.

Hair is attractive in other ways. It can be beautifully textured or coloured, it can move alluringly (ever seduced someone with a hair flick? It’s effective.).

The hair of someone you find attractive will probably be attractive to you too whether or not you have a hair kink, because it’s a part of that person. Having hair stroked, played with or pulled feels good for most people. It actually releases feel-good endorphins.

Woman stroking her long hair on yellow background

It’s not surprising then, that hair can easily evolve into a source of erotic desire and pleasure.

Trichophiles find their own hair niche

People with trichophilia, sometimes called hair partialism, are generally attracted to a certain type of hair. For example, very long or very short, curly, blonde, wet hair, silky hair, hair in a ponytail or other style, a shaved head, even hair that’s been washed with certain products.

Like other kinks, the hair kink manifests differently for different people.

You could have an intense attraction to a hair type or style. You could enjoy pulling, touching, smelling, or washing hair. You could enjoy cutting or shaving hair (this is actually very common).

You could really enjoy having your hair cut or touched. You might enjoy plucking or in other ways removing hair. You could simply enjoy looking at hair, in everyday life or in an erotic context.

Lovers stroking hair lying on carpet

Involving a hair fetish in sex

Experienced hair kinksters know there are loads of fun ways to incorporate a short or long hair fetish into sexual play.

A trichophile might love pulling or biting hair during sex. They might want to stroke their lover’s hair as they climax. They might style or cut their lover’s hair to get themselves in the mood.

They might watch erotic videos of people with certain hair styles or of hair being cut for self-pleasure. They might ask their lover to sweep their hair across their body during oral sex.

Kinky ways to explore a hair fetish

Looking for kinkier ways to enjoy a hair fetish? There are plenty. If your partner’s or your own hair is long enough, you could explore a long hair fetish by using it as a restraint tool like handcuffs, or even as a blindfold or gag.

Back view of woman with short pink hair being shaved

Go a step further and use your long hair as a whip. Or involve it more fully by using it to stimulate your lover’s genitals or erogenous zones. Yes, there is such a thing as a hairjob.

If you’re into BDSM, cutting or pulling hair can be another fun way to explore dom/sub dynamics or roleplaying. In fact, current active hair fetish communities are full of people asking someone to come over and shave their head, or vice versa.

Most hair fetishes are totally harmless

Long hair fetishists can have a bad rep, thanks to TV shows full of creepy people cutting off and hoarding women’s hair. These representations show a hair fetish taken to an extreme and harmful level.

As with any kink, as long as your hair fetish isn’t causing harm to you or others, it’s not “weird” and it’s nothing to worry about.

Happy women in lingerie posing and playing with hair

It’s simply another aspect of yourself, your sexuality, and a new way for you to relate to others and experience pleasure.