Why People Make Noise During Sex

Do you or your partner make noise during sex so loud your neighbors think one of you might be dying? Or are you the type to lie back and keep your mouth shut? Here we will explore the reasons why people make noise during sex (and the reasons some of us don’t).

We are all instinctively pretty aroused by the sound of sex. What is it about the moans, groans, screams, and heavy breathing associated with sex that gets people off?

A couple of moans are a dead giveaway that someone is having sex. But is it necessarily true that the louder the screams, the better the pleasure? Science may have something to say about that. Men typicallybrag to other men that they can make a woman scream.

But does this actually mean he’s the casanova he thinks he is?

Because a woman doesn’t scream behind closed doors, does that mean she didn’t enjoy any sexual encounters she has ever had? We are all different! In life, some people are just louder than others. And this is the same with sex.

Couple having intercourse

Does noise during sex mean anything?

It depends on who’s making it.

Men and women differ on what sounds they make during sex.

Typically, you won’t hear men moan in pure ecstasy just like you won’t hear a woman grunt like a feral animal. This is partly to do with the natural difference in pitches of male and female voices. And it’s also to do with the way men and women have been conditioned to express themselves differently. We’re all familiar with the phrase “girly scream”, right?

Couple lying on bed

Women tend to be louder with their screams of bliss. However, for most people, the only quiet sex time they are having is because they don’t want anyone else to know they are bumping and grinding.

As mentioned, it all depends on who’s making these soundsthe context of them, how great the sex is and how comfortable the couple feel with each other.


Why people make noise during sex, and men in particular, is because, sex feels amazing. All the under the breath cursing and grunting is normal when your body is having an intense physical experience.

Throw in a couple of “Oh, yeah,” and “Do you like that?” here and there and you have a regular night of sex. However, a study found that men make 94% less noise than women if they are in a hetero couple. In fairness, there are no scientific studies on the sounds men make during sex or during orgasm.

Unfortunately for men, studies also show that women get really turned on by the noises their partner makes. It’s a real missed opportunity to help a woman finish sooner. As a man, it’s best to get into your partner’s ear and let them know just how much you are enjoying yourself.

Man hand grabbing sheets


Researchers Gayle Brewer of the University of Central Lancashire and Colin Hendrie of the University of Leeds conducted a study asking 71 sexually active women why they make noise during sex. They found that 66% of women moan simply to speed up their partner’s climax, and 87 percent said that they moan to boost his self-esteem.

So, is she faking it?

Maybe, but if she does, it’s for your benefit. Or, it’s because she wants you to hurry up and finish. In which case, think about your bedroom technique and ask your sexual partner what specifically gets them off. Whether she’s faking it or not, you may never find out. She’s taking that secret to the grave.

Two women couple on bed

Make some noise, you’re having sex.

It’s obvious both sexes enjoy moaning and groaning, but what is it about letting out some sound during sex that makes some people embarrassed? Sure, you might not want your family members to hear you, but for everyone else? Who cares, frankly. If someone hears you having loud and satisfying sex, chances are they’ll wish they were you.

Everyone has sex. If you feel foolish letting out some sexy vocals, you are holding yourself back from total sexual satisfaction.

Women tend to let out squeals and moans when they’re actually having an orgasm. And if you’re problem is that you’re having trouble reaching orgasm, check out our female masturbation tips.

So unless you’re having sex at your parent’s house and don’t want to make it awkward in the morning, let some sound out. Enjoy yourself and let go. In fact, yelling during sex may help both partners reach the big O faster. Considering both partners enjoy positive reinforcement during sex, a loud “Just like that!” will help each other stay turned-on, resulting in better sex.

On the other hand, don’t be the obnoxious couple making noisy sex the whole neighborhood can hear. Do what feels natural. If your neighbors’ three streets away can hear you, chances are you’re putting on a bit of a show.

Couple feet under the sheets

What if making noise during sex isn’t your thing?

Well, you don’t have to scream your head off or moan till you sound like a phone sex operator if you don’t want to. But a little affirmation that you are enjoying yourself will help keep the mood during sex.

One good idea to keep in mind is not all sex noises are out of pure ecstasy. Break the silence with some dirty talk. A simple question like, “Do you like that?” combined with an answer goes a long way. A whispered “That feels amazing” into your lover’s ear will do wonders.

If either man or woman is dead silent during sex, how is there any way to know if they are enjoying it? One person being silent can be a bit of a mood killer. You don’t have to moan or groan, just give dirty talk a chance.

Sex noises are normal.

If you are comfortable with yourself and your partner, then make all the sex noises you want. Be loud, be vocal, and be confident.Both genders have their reason for making some noise, but at the heart of it all, why people make noise during sex is because it feels really good. The sounds of pleasure are universal. Let your partner know they are making all the right moves in the bedroom with a few under the breath moans. If they are really good, then be loud and proud.

Keep in mind that you should be honest with the sounds you make. Most people can’t help the noise they make during sex. It is an automatic response to pleasure, just as crying out is an automatic response to pain.

Fake moaning to move things forward during sex all the time will hurt your relationship more than help - especially if you are a woman. It’s better to be upfront and tell your partner what is or isn’t working in the bedroom. If not, you run the risk of building resentment towards your partner. Not to mention, sexual frustration has its own problems and never reaching climax will only make it worse.

So, the best thing to do is be open and honest, and while you’re at it make some noise during sex. Unless of course, you find yourself getting busy in a library. Then you might want to keep it down.