Vabbing: What Is It and Does It Actually Work?

Vabbing: is it real? And what’s this new dating trend all about? Here at Pantydeal, we’re familiar with the power of the female scent, but can the art of seduction really be this simple?

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Anyone with a vagina knows that it produces a lot of liquids throughout the day, for all kinds of reasons - hormones, hygiene, arousal… Vaginal wetness is natural, healthy, and, according to those who swear by their personal ‘pheromone perfume’, the secret to a second date.

So, what is vabbing, where did it come from, and does it actually work?

What is vabbing?

Yes, vabbing is a portmanteau of “vagina” and “dabbing”. Vabbing is when someone with a vulva uses their vaginal fluids as perfume.

In other words, it's when someone puts their hand down their pants and applies their wetness to their wrists, neck, or behind their ears for the purpose of becoming more attractive.

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Why are people vabbing?

One magic word: pheromones. The vabbing trend is sweeping the nation (AKA TikTok) because people believe that vaginal secretions contain pheromones that can attract potential partners or anyone who is attracted to people with vulvas.

Pheromones are chemicals that humans and other animals produce in their body that influences the behavior of others in the same species. They are hormones that are secreted outside the body, and it is a widely held belief that they play a part in inducing sexual attraction and desire.

People online are sharing personal anecdotes of vabbing before going on dates, nights out, or to the gym and reeling in attention and date offers.

Where did it all start?

Pheromone perfumes aren’t a new invention. It’s hard to say where exactly the trend originated, but vabbing gained attention this year after popular TikTok users shared personal success stories. Back in 2029, sexologist Shan Boodram shared her own vabbing story and wrote about how to do it successfully in her book.

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Is vabbing real and does it work?

Is this wild-sounding sexy secret for real? Is it scientifically proven and does it work?

Though it is known that pheromones are used for mating in animals and that vaginal fluid contains pheromones, there is no conclusive research showing that pheromones influence human sexual or romantic behavior, meaning there is no evidence that vabbing actually works.

So, is vabbing real? While we might be drawn to the scents of other people, especially people we find attractive, it’s not clear that this is due to pheromones.

But this doesn’t mean that vabbing is totally pointless. The anecdotal successes we’ve heard could be down to a placebo effect.

Vabbing can have successful results even if the pheromone theory doesn’t check out. Vabbing, in making you feel like you’re suddenly irresistible to everyone around you, can give you confidence and make you act more boldly and flirtatiously than you otherwise would have done, and give off sexual energy.

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In this way, vabbing could have a profound psychological effect that makes you more attractive and desirable. So, is vabbing real? Maybe not in the way we hoped, but it could be effective nonetheless.

Are there any vabbing rules or guidelines?

If you decide to try your own pheromone perfume, there are guidelines to bear in mind to make sure you do it safely and respectfully.

Make sure to wash your hands both before and after, and don’t vab if you’re on your period or have an STI. If you vab before the gym, clean the equipment you’ve come into contact with after use, try not to let vabbed areas touch anyone or anything, and be mindful of the appropriateness of environments you choose to enter after you're vabbed.

Side note: If you’re concerned that you’re not wet enough to vab, check our article on how to get wet and why you might be dry down there.

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So, what’s the deal with vabbing?

Is vabbing real and does it work? It turns out the science regarding vabbing and pheromones doesn’t quite hold up. But that doesn’t mean making your own pheromone perfume isn’t an effective way to score a date.

If it gives you confidence, makes you release your inner sex goddess, and own the seductive power of your vagina, there's no harm giving it a try.