Why Am I Always Wet? An Ode to Moist Panties

Left a wet smudge behind? Wipe that chair and carry on with your day!

Moist panties are a normal part of living with a vulva. If you’re wondering Why is my vagina always wet? you’re definitely not alone. Having “stuff” in your knickers at the end of the day isn’t gross. In fact, lots of people think it’s sexy (we’re looking at you, panty lovers).

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Having moist panties means your vagina is doing its job

Your vagina isn’t supposed to be dry. In fact, a healthy and functioning vagina is basically always moist. Yes, it will “get wet” in the lead-up to and during sexual activity and orgasm, but it can also be wet the rest of the time.

Why am I always wet?

It’s normal to need to change your underwear after exercising. It’s normal for your panties to have strange-looking goo in there. It’s normal for your discharge to vary at different times of the month. It’s normal, in fact, great, for a new lover to go down there and say “Woah, you’re wet”.

Every vulva and body is different. Your vulva will have its own natural level of wetness during daily life and during sexual activity.

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Having wet panties every day is a normal part of womanhood

Why are we embarrassed to bring up our moist, or rather, soaking wet panties, even among close friends? Why are we scared to openly ask Why am I always wet?

It’s rarely discussed in private spaces, and certainly not in public spaces like school or mainstream media.

Having wet underwear is a normal part of womanhood, but we pretend they don’t exist. This has lead most of us to hide our used panties at the bottom of the laundry basket. And to feel sick to our stomachs if we accidentally leave our panties at the house of a one-night-stand…

Why does no one talk about having wet panties?

Sadly, the society we live in cares less about vulvas than penises. Wet panties aren’t talked about because we’re lacking awareness, education, and research into the female body and female sexual health.

We’re happy to sexualize wet vaginas. But to talk about them in the context of day-to-day life? Nope.

Does it have to be this way? No!

The more we talk about moist panties, the more we normalize talking about moist panties. And the closer we get to hoisting our wet panties to the flagpole and letting them wave proudly in the breeze.

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5 Normal and Healthy Reasons Why You’ve Got Wet Panties


The stuff in your panties at the end of the day? It’s probably discharge - combined with a bit of sweat and a bit of urine. Why is my vagina always wet? Because it’s self-cleaning!

Discharge comes from the cervix glands and vaginal walls. It’s a mucus-like substance that carries bacteria and discarded cells from the vagina. Its job is to clean the vaginal canal, kill unsafe microorganisms, protect vaginal tissue and keep your vaginal canal smooth and sleek.

Vaginal discharge will change in texture, color, and volume depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle.


Vulvas get as sweaty as any other body part. In fact, because of the shape of vulvas and the fact they’re generally surrounded by hair and covered with several layers of clothing, they get extra sweaty.

If you’re exercising or it’s a warm day, expect this area to hold some moisture. If it bothers you, bring spare panties or something to wipe it up with.

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The general consensus is that a wet vagina is an aroused vagina. As we know, this isn’t true. But it is sometimes true.

If you have a vulva, you will usually “get wet” when you’re aroused or sexually stimulated. This happens because blood rushes to the area and the Bartholin and Skene glands start producing natural lubrication. This prepares the body for sex by making penetration easier.

Sexual activity

If you’ve recently masturbated or had sex, you’re likely to have pretty soaking wet panties. There will probably be a combination of arousal fluid, ejaculate fluid and, if you’ve had unprotected sex with someone with a penis, their ejaculation as well.

You’re just randomly wet!

Have you ever asked yourself Why is my vagina always wet?

Sometimes you’ll be extra wet down there for no particular reason. It could be your hormones or your body reacting to an external thing that your mind hasn’t even registered.

Remember that having a wet vagina doesn’t necessarily mean you’re aroused, and certainly doesn’t equate to sexual consent.

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Living with Wet Panties

What should we do about wet panties? Firstly, stop being embarrassed or ashamed. Secondly, talk about it! Talk about it with your friends, read and share articles, and educate younger women about the topic.

If your excess wetness is bothering you, bring spare panties to change into and a special cloth to soak up the excess, shower more regularly, try different types of panties, or wear a panty liner when you’re out and about.

If there is a sudden and noticeable change in your discharge, visit a gynecologist to get it checked out. And, importantly, start paying attention to how your discharge and wetness changes naturally through your cycle.

Moist panties are far from gross. In fact, they’re sexy

Not only is it normal to have wet stuff in your underwear, but it’s also pretty hot. Your vulva has a natural scent that’s unique to you.

To many people, this smell is incredibly sexy. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s erotic, it’s intimate… And it’s part of the reason why used panties are such a popular fetish item and why so many people sell their wet panties on Pantydeal.

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Why am I always wet? Because you have a healthy and happy vulva! We’ll say it again. Here at Pantydeal, we love moist panties and have a marketplace full of them! And you should, too!