10 Homemade Sex Toys for Men - DIY Has Never Been So Satisfying

Guys - we know teenage you watched American Pie and thought long and hard about “getting intimate” with an apple pie. We’re here to tell you that 1. Penetrating a pie isn’t a good idea, and 2. There are loads of other homemade fleshlights male sex toys out there! And, yes, some of them do involve a combination of everyone’s 2 favorite things: sex and food.

Fleshlights and other toys are expensive - and, frankly, a bit of a commitment, you’re too shy (and/or lazy) to visit a sex shop or get a male sex toy delivered, and you’re horny all the time! Aren’t we all?

Man holding a cucumber

We know exactly what you need. Here is the ultimate list of 10 homemade fleshlights sex toys for guys - so you can give your hand a break and your penis a treat.

Disclaimer: with lots of these DIY fleshlights, we recommend using a condom, and/or latex glove, and lube. The condom and glove are necessary to make your wank as sanitary and comfortable as possible (especially as some of these involve pretty random objects). And lube? Do we even have to say?

1. Use your towel to make a DIY fleshlight.

Otherwise known as a “Fifi”, a term for homemade vaginas prison inmates would make from household materials. For this homemade male sex toys classic, all you need is a towel, a latex glove or condom, and lube.

  • Roll out a fairly small towel flat on a surface. Lay the latex glove or condom inside it, stretched out. Leave about an inch of it hanging out one end of the towel.
  • Then roll it up pretty tight - like a burrito.
  • Once rolled, pull the extra inch of glove/condom back over the outer edges of the towel (securing this with rubber bands if you like), making a vagina-like-hole, with the inside of the vagina being the texture of the glove/condom.
  • Apply your lube and thrust away! You can use your hands to hold it in place or wedge it between couch cushions, or something similar, for a hands-free experience.

You can also use this method with a sock instead of a towel, if you can’t make it to the bathroom! After all, socks and wanking are already old friends.

Multi-coloured towels top view

2. How to make a fleshlight: the lazy teenager edition

You may have tried this one in your adolescence, but considering it’s one of the simplest DIY fleshlights, we’ll go over it again. Kneel down next to your bed, place your penis between a pillow and the bed, weigh the pillow down with your hands or a suitable object and do your thing - as always, a condom and lube are advised.

two pillows on background

3. A sexy 1 of your 5 a day: grapefruit.

It’s pretty simple: get a grapefruit, chop off the sides, and make a penis-sized hole in the middle. Grab a condom and lube and dive in! The fleshy texture of the grapefruit makes this one of the classic homemade fleshlights. Grapefruit is also a good addition to a blowjob if your partner is so inclined.

Hand holding half a grapefruit

4. Go bananas!

Here bananas are, being all sexy again! If you’ve got a spare banana in your fruit bowl cut off the tip at the stem and squeeze the flesh out.

Feel free to eat it as a pre-wank snack - you might need the energy. Squeeze some lube inside and a condom if you want, and get cracking. For a more realistic experience, you can heat the banana peel in the microwave for a little while beforehand so it’s a bit warm and soft.

Half peeled banana

5. DIY pipe blowjob.

Yes, the fact that you can’t give yourself a blowjob will forever haunt you. But have you tried doing it with one tiny addition: a pipe?

  • Head to a hardware store and buy some PVC pipe insulation which is wide enough, and tight enough, for your penis to fit inside.
  • Cut it down so it covers the length between your erect penis and your mouth, and lube up the penis end.
  • Get into a comfortable seated position, insert yourself into the pipe, and thrust, trying to focus on moving your hips.
  • Suck with your mouth at the other end, enjoy the new sensations, and stay alert so you don’t end up with a face-full of cum.

Warning: this is one of the more complicated homemade fleshlights - go slow so you don’t hurt yourself. How to make a fleshlight for a pro? This one's for you.

Blue PVC pipe

6. Have even more fun than usual with bubble wrap

Bubble wrap isn’t just fun to pop - it’s one of the greatest overlooked homemade fleshlights! For this one, you use bubble wrap instead of the glove/condom used in our 1st DIY sex toy on this list. Roll up your towel with bubble wrap inside, apply generous amounts of lube, and savor the exciting bubble wrap texture!

Hands with bubble wrap

7. How to make a fleshlight on a budget? Toilet roll

Grab a roll and remove the inner cardboard layer. Put a latex glove or condom inside (like with a towel), leaving about an inch hanging out at one end. Pull it back over the edges of the roll and secure it with rubber bands if you want. The softness of the toilet roll and simplicity of this makes it a go-to for horny men everywhere.

Toilet roll and lotion bottle

8. Sponges! (Correction: soft sponges).

We repeat: soft sponges. Definitely not the scratchy kind.

  • Grab yourself a tube - an empty pringles can, plastic bottle, or tennis ball tube work well.
  • Wedge 2 soft sponges inside, leaving a hole in the middle. If you can find penis length sponges, great!
  • Insert a latex glove or condom, apply your lube, and go for it. For an extra sensory experience try soaking the sponges in warm water beforehand.
Stack of three coloured sponges

9. Plush toy.

Ever heard of Plushophilia, or “plushies”? Plushophilia is a fetish for cuddly toys. And even if this sounds too far-fetched for you, these fetishists are arguably onto something, because toys can make strangely effective DIY fleshlights. Simply make a hole in the chosen toy, apply lube and preferably a condom, and get crazy!

Teddy bear

10. Homemade male sex toys that are full of possibilities? Toothbrushes.

The electric toothbrush is a classic sex toy for women, what with its easy accessibility and intense vibrations, but toothbrushes are great for guys too! If you’re looking to incorporate anal play into your solo-time, and stimulate that magical male prostate, the non-bristly end of a standard toothbrush works well. And if it has a vibration option? Even better.

Most butt plugs have a flared end to stop them from getting stuck inside you, so be very careful when experimenting with this DIY male sex toy. And of course, don’t forget the lube!

Man holding toothbrush to his face

Many sex toys for women can be used as homemade sex toys for men too.

Aside from these mostly penis-focussed DIY toys, there are plenty more household objects that can be incorporated into sex and play either solo or with a partner. These include neckties (for BDSM-ers), showerheads (because that water pressure feels good for you too), and vibrating phone apps. Check our full list of homemade sex toys for women and partners here.

Happy man drinking coffee in bed

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