Suffering From Orgasm Headaches?

For most of us, sex is not only a pleasurable act but also a pain reliever. But for an unlucky few, fooling around can bring on a sexual headache that can last from a few minutes to a few days.

Do you suffer from sex or orgasm headaches? Let’s take a closer look at the symptoms and causes of sexual headaches and how you can rid yourself of them once and for all.

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What is a sex headache? 

A sex or orgasm headache is a headache that comes on during or after sexual activity.

Primary sex headaches are those which aren’t caused by any underlying health issues - they are triggered by sexual activity alone - solo or partnered.

There are generally two types. The first is the ‘preorgasmic headache’, which builds slowly during arousal and sexual activity. The other is the ‘orgasmic headache’, which tends to hit you suddenly and severely during or post orgasm.

Sex or orgasm headaches affect between 1 and 6% of the population. Headaches after sex are more common among men, people who are overweight, and people who suffer from migraines or other headache conditions.

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What does an orgasm headache feel like?

Orgasm headaches can feel similar to migraines or tension headaches: a dull pain around the head, neck, jaw, and behind the eyes, accompanied by light sensitivity or slight nausea. If they manifest emotionally or the pain is severe, they could be connected with or lead to crying orgasms.

For most sufferers, they only last from a few minutes to a few hours. However, some sexual headaches last for days.

If your orgasm headache comes with more serious debilitating symptoms like loss of consciousness, vomiting, or double vision, there could be an underlying cause that needs to be checked out by a medical professional.

What causes sexual headaches?

Some experts believe headaches after sex (or during) are triggered by the increased blood pressure and rapid expansion of blood vessels produced by most bedtime activity.

They can also be related to the strenuous neck and jaw activity sometimes produced by sex.

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Are there treatments for sexual or orgasm headaches?

Primary sexual headaches aren’t usually a cause for serious concern. However, if they are accompanied by more serious symptoms, frequently occur, negatively affect your well-being or can’t be managed by pain relievers or lifestyle changes, visit your doctor.

In most cases, standard pain relievers can treat headaches after sex. In some cases, your doctor might prescribe you a specific medication, such as one for high blood pressure or with anti-inflammatory functions.

You can relieve orgasm headaches by taking on a more passive role during sex and not trying anything too acrobatic or active for a while.

Many sexual headaches can also be effectively managed in the same way other headaches can: with healthy lifestyle changes. Headaches after sex are made worse by alcohol and smoking, caffeine, not getting enough sleep, poor diet, not enough exercise, stress, and orgasm anxiety.

Improving your general well-being will lessen your chances of experiencing headaches after sex - and make you feel better in daily life, too.

Orgasm headaches don’t have to mean the end of the world - or the end of sex. Communicate your needs with your partner, look after your health, and start enjoying sex again, like you deserve to!