Sissification: Discover Your Sexy Inner Femme

The sissy movement has increased in popularity in a big way in recent decades. What’s it all about?

Today, you only need to search the internet to find a collection of books on how to be a sissy and how to train one, sex workers offering sissification services, and online quizzes that let you find out what type of sissy you are - maid, show-off, or secret slut?

There’s more to being a sissy than meets the eye.

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What is a sissy?

The term sissy used to mean something quite different.

Sissy used to be a negative term used to describe and deride “girly” men - back when uber-masculinity was the only thing men could aim for, and being womanlike was considered weak.

Fortunately, the term has evolved in kink and queer communities. Who or what is a sissy today? A sissy is considered to be a man who consensually takes on hyper-feminine characteristics. The kinky side is relevant because often, sissification is part of being the submissive partner in a BDSM session or relationship.

Sissification is also called “forced feminization”, but the extent to which a sissy is “forced” in the role-play session is up to the sub and how much they enjoy the feeling of being dominated by their partner.

Being a sissy can also just involve a man dressing up as and pretending to be a woman, or being dressed by their partner, for pleasure.

Man in drag putting on make up

A sissy is not actually “forced” to do anything.

The “forcing”, if it occurs, is part of a pre-negotiated and enthusiastically consented to role-play that provides pleasure to both dom and sub.

What is a sissy? A sissy is generally someone who identifies as a man or has masculine traits, of any sexual orientation. Sissification differs from drag because drag (which is of course, fabulous) is performative while being a sissy is more about the personal experience and enjoyment the sissy gets from being feminine for a while.

A sissy is not the same as someone who is transgender, non-binary, or gender-questioning. Someone might explore the sissy lifestyle in order to seek their true gender identity, but not necessarily. For many sissies, part of the pleasure of the experience is knowing it is reversible. 

What does sissification involve?

The process of becoming a sissy usually involves temporary physical and mental changes. The sissy will dress (or be dressed by their dom) in hyper-feminine women’s clothing, wear make-up, nail varnish, lingerie, and a wig, and shave or wax their legs.

They will act in a stereotypically feminine way in terms of their voice, posture, walk - they might even change their name.

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Depending on what type of sissy they want to be (or their dom wants them to be), they will get creative and find the persona that makes them feel the most femme.

What’s hot about it?

Where do we start?

Of course, the reasons people are drawn to the sissy life will be unique to them. However, there are a few common reasons people get pleasure from sissification:

  1. Sexy submission to and being “controlled” by an experienced dom
  2. Erotic humiliation by an experienced dom
  3. Release from the pressures of masculinity
  4. Desire to explore what it is like to be a woman and an attraction to or curiosity towards femininity - to feel elegant, beautiful, and soft, to feel desired as a woman by a man, and to feel like a woman during sex with a man.

Yes, sissification has problematic, misogynistic roots. The erotic humiliation aspect that many sissies get a thrill out of comes from the assumption that it is weak or humiliating for a man to act like a woman.

Of course, it’s role play. And, on the other side, the fact that more men are openly embracing a desire to explore their feminine side can be considered positive progress. 

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Sissification sex and play

The sissy is in fully feminine mode - what next?

Someone first exploring their sissy side might explore femininity by altering their appearance in privacy and leave it at that.

Sissy fetish play will include whatever the couple or sissy and sissy trainer (or group) discuss and agree they want. Consensual forms of erotic humiliation like name-calling and mocking manhood could be involved, as well as general BDSM dom/sub play, like instructions and punishments, bondage, cuckolding, and chastity cages.

Partners might explore specific role-plays involving stereotypical masculine and feminine characters - maid, princess, good little girl

Sissies tend to take on a typically feminine/submissive role during sex. They might be the one who is penetrated or “forced” (with enthusiastic consent) to perform oral sex. Typically, sissies aren’t allowed to have penis orgasms. They should have “sissigasms” (an anal prostate orgasm) instead.

How to be a sissy: say hello to your feminine side

If you’re curious about exploring the sissy life, think about what kind of experience you’re after.

Woman holding handcuffs over lover in bed

Your sissy experience doesn’t have to involve anyone else if you don’t want it to. How to be a sissy? You can start by going to the shop, buying lingerie, makeup, and feminine clothes, and having an evening on your own.

If you’re curious about how to be a sissy and you’re after a more BDSM experience, don’t forget that the Safe, Safe, & Consensual principles are essential.

If your kink is humiliation, submission, or masochism, remember it should still be pleasurable for you and you should never feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and what you do during a session should not negatively impact you outside the session.

If you want to have a partnered sissy fetish experience, talk to your partner or preferred dom about what you want and what they want. Talk about boundaries, what you both find hot, and establish safe words.

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This has been your introduction to the sissy fetish. If you’re feeling a little warm, we know that a few Pantydeal sellers will happily bring your sissy dream to life. Play safe!