24 Praise Kink Phrases to Show Your Devotion

What is a praise kink, and how can you incorporate it into your sex life? Be a good boy, and we’ll tell you.

We are all programmed to enjoy praise. It’s a mood and self-esteem booster, and signals approval and connection, giving us a thrilling sense of social reward. Giving praise releases similar feel-good emotions.

For some people, praise works like an aphrodisiac, arousing their mind and body and intensifying sex and sensation.

But what is a praise kink, and what praise kink phrases will get your heart racing? Keep reading to find out.

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What is a praise kink?

Someone with a praise kink gets sexually aroused from giving or receiving praise, compliments or words of affirmation, usually in a sexual setting and when given/received in an exaggerated way.

The intense erotic power of the praise kink is partly about the words themselves. But it’s also about how the compliment is said and its erotic/romantic context.

Communicating care and appreciation is central to any healthy relationship, whether it’s between partners, friends, or family.

But for someone with a thing for compliments, a well-timed praise kink phrase has the power to make them feel seen and take their arousal from zero to ten, heighten pleasure and incite intense orgasms and sexual experience.

Praise Kink and the BDSM community

Praise kink phrases can be incorporated into other kinds of play as its inclusion of things like dirty talk, emotional connection, and dominance and submission make it easy to enjoy alongside other kinks and fetishes, like worship, age play, pet play, and erotic humiliation.

What is a praise kink and who practices it? Many people enjoy praise kink sayings without realising it. Praise is commonplace in BDSM practice, especially in a power exchange or scene between a dom and a sub.

Complimenting your lover on their ability to follow instructions or otherwise perform their submissive role is an effective way to assert a hot power dynamic.

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24 Praise Kink Examples and Phrases

As usual, when it comes to sex, everybody’s different. And it’s worth taking the time to figure out what kind of praise kink sayings you and your lover enjoy hearing.

You might get off on personal compliments about your confidence, your body, your attitude, your ability to do a sexual act or follow your dom’s orders, or how you make your partner fall in love with a glance.

Browse these praise kink sayings and see how your body (and mind) responds.

  • Good boy/girl/[insert name].
  • You’re doing so good, baby.
  • The way you move feels amazing.
  • I can’t wait to show you off.
  • I love it when you say my name.
  • The way you look at me drives me crazy.
  • My body is all yours, baby.
  • Your moan is my favorite sound.
  • Damn baby, you know exactly how to please me.
  • You taste so good, I can’t get enough of you.
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  • Nobody touches me as good as you do.
  • You take a spanking so well.
  • Sit still so I can take you in with my eyes.
  • Who’s my beautiful baby?
  • Who taught you to be so good at ​​[insert activity].
  • Your smile lights up my day.
  • There’s nothing better than feeling you inside me.
  • I can’t think about anything but touching you.
  • You always know how to make me scream your name.
  • You’re irresistible when you’re in control like this.
  • You are sex personified.
  • You take such good care of me.
  • I’m so lucky to have you.
  • Your pleasure is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
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When adding a new element to the bedroom, discuss it before and after. What praise kink sayings did you enjoy and want to explore further? Did any praise kink phrases make feel uncomfortable or bring you out of the moment?

Enjoy the enhanced intimacy and satisfaction of kinky praise while using it as a chance to know yourself and your partner better.

Got that? Good boy.