Is 2024 The Year Of The Giantess Fetish?

Size kinks or macrophilia have been around for a long time, but in 2024, the giant fetish is - pardon the pun - bigger than ever. The sexual giantess is seductive, powerful and feared, and she’s taking over our fantasy life

According to the fetish website Clips4Sale, giantess is this year’s biggest kink trend. So, what is macrophilia, and why are so many of us turned on by giants?

Woman in black heels on neon blue floor

What is macrophilia?

Macrophilia is a size kink. The term is used to describe sexual fantasies involving giant people, whether male giants, female giantesses, or differently gendered folk.

More broadly, it’s used to denote an individual’s sexual attraction to beings larger than themselves. Its inverse is microphilia, a sexual kink or extreme love for small people or objects.

While a sexual giantess fetish might seem niche to you, it’s very common. It's also unsurprising, considering that giant and giantess figures feature in many stories in our culture and that mythical creatures are a feature frequently in sexual fantasy.

While tall and powerful women exist in real life, sexual giantesses don’t, making them a desirably mysterious erotic object.

How the giantess kink took over the Internet

Towards the end of 2022, TikTok became full of users utilising camera angles and tools to create videos that gave the illusion of tiny people interacting with great off-screen giants.

Man with briefcase looks up at giant man in landscape

This trend seemed to initiate widespread online interest in human-giant interaction, an interest that grew into a vast sexual giantess fanbase on adult sites, fetish communities, and online forums.

Kinky content site Clips4Sale named giantess the “Fetish of the Year” in 2024. With over 6,000 videos including the search term ‘giantess’ on Pornhub, this doesn’t seem far off the mark.

Some theorists propose a connection between the giantess kink and masculinity trends. As parts of society pressure men to be more ‘alpha,’ the idea of freeing yourself from pressure by submitting to and worshipping a physically dominant woman becomes attractive.

Macrophilia can be a sexy way to enjoy erotic humiliation or explore sissification

Why are people hot for giants?

As is the case of every kink or fetish, the reasons why a giant turns someone off are unique to every person. We are all complex and nuanced, and this is reflected in our fantasy life.

Nonetheless, macrophiliacs often describe a connection between attraction to giantesses and feelings of submission and domination, aligning it with the world of BDSM. In most giantess fetish porn, a human-sized individual is dominated or pleasurably crushed by the oversized being.

Cosplay woman holding bow and arrow in forest

As with many people who are turned on by submission, many folks with a giantess fetish get erotic pleasure from a feeling of helplessness, as the giant’s size and strength mean they can do anything they want with you.

Some sexual giantess fantasy content involves the subject being sexually ‘used,’ engulfed, eaten, or crushed, inciting thrillingly erotic sensations of fear, adventure, pain, the taboo and the unknown.

How is a giant/giantess fetish explored?

While giantesses don’t actually exist (sorry), macrophilia can still be explored solo or with a partner.

If you’ve spent time thinking about your desires and talking with your partner, and they’re down to give it a try, you can incorporate size and create the sensation you desire, like helplessness, crushing, physical overpowering, or a vast height difference, using perspective, positions, cosplay costumes, and props like extra-large clothes, heels, and furniture.

But before diving into an elaborate role-play, it’s good to explore on your own, taste the water, and discover what exactly about the giantess fetish turns you on.

You can watch sexual giantess movies, purchase custom-made content from professional giantesses, and explore online forums and communities where people share desires and experiences.

While the giantess fetish is most common among heterosexual men, anyone of any gender and sexual orientation can fantasise about and explore sexual play with giants and giantesses or differently gendered fantastical beings.

Legs and feet of woman with red heels and red BDSM rope

Human beings are delightfully varied, and so is our erotic potential. Fantasy is a place to feel free, safe, and sexy. And who says a hot giantess won’t ever cross your path?