How to Ride a Guy: 13 Ways to Rock Being On Top

If there’s a tool every vulva owner should have in their sexy toolkit, it’s being able to rock being on top. The trouble is, cowgirl isn’t as easy as it seems. With rhythm and feeling self-conscious, mastering it can take work. Here’s how to be on top and really enjoy yourself. And give your partner the ride of their life.

Couple having sex with woman on top

When it comes to how to do cowgirl, confidence is everything

If you’ve got a vulva, being on top of a partner with a penis or strap on is a great way to reach new orgasmic heights of pleasure. This position lets you take control of speed, depth, intensity, and angle, which means you can focus on getting yourself there.

Being on top means your partner gets a great view. It means your clit is easy to reach (hello orgasm!). And it means you get to feel like a total sex goddess as you ride your partner to pleasure town. But it can also mean tired legs and worrying that you don’t know what you’re doing up there.

Fear not! Because when it comes to how to be on top, these tips are expert-approved and easy to follow.

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How to ride a guy: Make cowgirl your go-to with these 13 tips

1. Bump n’ Grind - but with a lot more grind

Yes, part of how to ride a guy is bouncing up and down. But don’t forget about grinding! Slowly grind “M”, “W”, and “O” shapes with your hips. Peel your hips around each corner like you are trying to feel them inside every part of you.

The new sensations will make you both moan. Plus, you’ll avoid any danger of bouncing too hard and causing a bruised penis (yes, it’s possible).

2. Lean forward and lie flat on their chest...

...then move up and down their body. This will feel intimate and will rub your clit in seriously good ways. How to ride a guy and hit your g-spot? Really press your body into theirs as you slide up and down.

It’s mindblowing, trust us.

Couple having sex with woman holding condom

3. If you’re feeling shy, turn the lights out!

If you’re self-conscious about being on top, start by doing it with the lights out. Once you’re more practiced (and realize how hot you look) you’ll be doing it in broad daylight.

4. How to be on top and avoid tired legs: Switch it up!

Knackered legs don’t have to mean the end of you being on top. Just switch it up and act like you’re adding variety. Lean forward for some making out, lean back and slowly grind, or hop-off and give them an out of this world blow job before hopping back on…

5. Spell “coconut” with your hips

How to do cowgirl? Spelling! Go up a level by moving your hips to spell the name of our favorite lube alternative. The different shapes will reach parts of your bodies you didn’t even know existed.

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6. Get squatting!

And we don’t just mean working out! When it comes to how to be on top, it’s not about kneeling. Squatting with your feet flat and lowering yourself onto your partner allows for deeper penetration and more movement.

Similarly, you can bend your knees up and have your feet flat down next to their chest - like you’re sat on a very low chair.

7. Gently grind in a wave-like motion

When straddling your partner, lean forward 45 degrees, put your arms on their chest for support, and grind your hips forward like a wave - or like you’re doing a sensual snake dance.

Rubbing your clit back and forwards against their stomach will stimulate you in all the right ways, and the movement will make you look seriously sexy.

8. Keep up the eye contact

Eye contact always creates intensity because it heightens the mental and emotional connection between you and your partner. This makes the physical stuff feel even more pleasurable.

Sensual couple in bed

9. Touch yourself all over

When you’re on top, you look amazing. That’s a fact. You know it. Your partner knows it. But if you want to look more amazing, touch yourself! Grab your nipples, rub your thighs, stroke your clit a little.

Watching you enjoying yourself will be mindblowing for your lover.

10. Tuck your legs under your partner’s body

This will give you stability and help you do some serious thrusting! Also, try squeezing your thighs together as your tuck your legs. This will make you seem tighter, making penetration more intense for you both.

11. Lean back onto their legs

Your body can be all the way on their legs or just resting on your elbows. Your lover will have a view of your entire body and be easily able to touch you. While you’re here, slowly grind closer and further away from your partner and enjoy the new angles.

Couple in bed with feet showing

12. How to ride a guy and make it dirty: Reverse cowgirl

When you’re ready, turn around. Reverse cowgirl gives your lover a treat by letting them gaze at your butt, and you can go for it in a more animalistic way.

13. One leg up, one leg down

How to do cowgirl like a professional? Whether you’re facing them or in reverse, try keeping one leg bent up with its foot flat on the floor or bed. You’ll feel more stable and able to move around more. It’s also more comfortable on the legs.

If you’re in reverse, get them to bend one of their knees and lift one of your legs and kneel it between theirs. From there you can grip and straddle their legs.

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Practice and use all these tips, and not only will you know how to ride a guy, but you’ll also know how to be the best sex your lover’s ever had. Whatever your gender or sexuality, being on top should be empowering and satisfying.

Still not feeling ready? Practice on a pillow. We won’t tell if you don’t.