Dating & Honesty Report: Sex is Making a Comeback 

How much sex is Gen Z having? What are our biggest dating insecurities? How many of us lie on dating apps? And what’s the perfect antidote to first-date jitters?

A recent report by the dating site eHarmony interviewed thousands of Gen Z and Millennials and got honest answers about the climate of sex and dating right now.

The study revealed the little white lies we tell each other (and ourselves), online dating authenticity, the rise of sexual confidence, and how therapy is transforming our sex lives for good.

How does your dating approach compare to your peers? Keep reading to learn more.

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20% of Gen Z now have sex every day.

In the last few years, Gen Z has been having less sex than ever before. But eHarmony’s report suggests the sexual landscape is reshaping.

Gen Z and Millennials in relationships are having more sex, with 20% of Gen Z having sex every day, the highest daily rate among any generation. 36% of Gen Z respondents said they were having more sex now than they were one year ago.

Overall, the amount of people in relationships having sex three or more times per week has increased in the past year, from 31% in 2023 to 35% in 2024.

Why are we having more sex? There are several reasons.

Gen Z respondents are having more sex because they feel more confident (57%), they are prioritizing sex (38%), and they are less stressed (35%).

Millennials are having more sex because they also feel more confident (63%), they are prioritizing sex (43%), and their libido increased (41%).

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The report found more specific 2024 generational sex trends. 17% of Gen Z reports having more sex in the past year after starting therapy. Millennials reported having relationships that are more focused on sex than other generations (14%). And 61% of Gen Z enjoy being sexually adventurous with a partner.

We have complex feelings towards dating apps - and don’t always tell the truth.

Dating apps remain a popular way to find love, with 58% of Gen Z and 71% of Millennials having used one at some point.

Despite apps remaining popular, many people find them disappointing. 76% of Gen Z singles think other people on their dating profiles are either ‘not authentic at all’ or ‘somewhat authentic.

And these perceptions aren’t far off the mark. 37% of singles reported being only somewhat authentic or not authentic at all on dating apps.

Lack of authenticity on dating apps varies between genders and generations.

What we’re likely to lie about on our dating profiles varies by gender and age.

21% of men have lied about their educational background on a dating app, compared to just 5% of women. And while 30% of women have edited dating profile photographs, 30% of men have strayed from the truth regarding sharing hobbies and interests.

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Do generations do it differently? Millennials are the most likely to lie about their job to seem more successful (25%), and 41% of Millennials suspect other people are lying about editing photos.

Gen Z, however, is the most likely generation to lie about their family life online (23%), and 32% of them suspect other people are lying about what they say they’re looking for in a relationship.

We are all insecure when it comes to first dates and finding love.

28% of singles report fear of rejection as their biggest emotional insecurity, which can partly explain how we present ourselves online and our fears regarding real-life dating.

Gen Z and Millennials are alike in terms of the things they're most insecure about while dating: their mental health (32% for Millennials) and (27% for Gen Z).

It’s common to experience first-date jitters. This study found that 48% of women worry they won’t have anything in common with the other person, while 37% of men fear they’ll seem boring.

But there’s one thing most singles agree on: a shared sense of humor. Sixty percent say they pay the most attention to this on a first date.

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Honesty and openness are at the heart of finding an authentic relationship.

According to the direct responses of singles in this survey, the elements needed to find an authentic relationship on a dating app are:

  • Honesty, trust, humor.
  • Communication, being genuinely interested, open.
  • Not as many filters, speaking from the heart, knowing who they really want to be.

Last year, we heard Bumble’s 2024 dating predictions and Lelo’s 2023 sex and satisfaction round-up. This latest survey has provided insight into the real experience of dating in 2024 so far, but what does the future hold?

Younger generations are talking more openly than ever about desires for authentic connection and real love. The dating landscape looks hopeful to us.