Ready to date? Bumble Survey Predicts Dating Trends in 2024

What does 2024 hold in store for love and sex? Dating app Bumble has released its dating trend predictions for 2024, and they’re surprising, sexy, and hopeful all in one.

This time last year, Bumble predicted sex and romance trends like dating outside your type and “love-life” balance. This year, they surveyed 26,800 Bumble users worldwide on issues ranging from age-gap romances to the importance of emotional connection.

So, what’s on the dating forecast for 2024? Let’s see what the future holds.

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What Dating Trends Will Triumph in 2024? Bumble Members Predict

Rethinking Traditional Relationship Timelines

The last few years have seen a sharp rise in nontraditional ways of loving, with more people than ever before identifying as queer, exploring ethical nonmonogamy, and saying no to tying the knot.

Regarding dating trends, Bumble’s survey results predict a continued move away from traditional relationship expectations, especially for women.

Around a third of respondents (31%) stated they are no longer focused on sticking to conventional timelines and milestones (meet, fall in love, head down the aisle, make babies), and the same number of people said they only want to date people who share this perspective.

72% of female respondents said they want a long-term relationship, but only 23% want marriage.

Furthermore, 16% said they would actively avoid loved ones who pressured them to adhere to traditional relationship norms.

Age gap romance

It’s official: single people are more open to dating outside their age bracket.

Bumble’s survey found that 63% of folks don’t consider age a defining factor, and 59% of women say they’re more open to dating someone younger.

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In addition, 35% of women say they are less judgmental about age-gap relationships now than they used to be. Will this dating trend open doors?

Sharing social and political values

Around a quarter of the surveyed people said it’s crucial for their prospective partner to share their interest in social and political issues and actively engage through actions like voting and protesting (AKA 'val-core dating'.

This issue was even more important to the surveyed women, 33% of whom said they would be turned off someone they were dating if they didn’t care about current issues.

And an interest in sport

Another shared value important to Bumble singletons this time around was sport. If you’re not a sport-lover, this dating trend prediction might surprise you.

Specifically, 31% said a shared passion for sport is an extremely vital factor when looking for a partner, while 24% think it’s important to attend sporting events together.

Prioritizing self-love

This mental health and dating trend is undeniably a positive one. More than half (58%) of surveyees said they are open about mental health issues and care about generally slowing down.

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Over a third (36%) of female singles said they are actively seeking a partner who values self-care, which aligns with wider social trends of talking about and being aware of mental health and needs and going to therapy.

This emphasis on taking our time was echoed in another of Bumble’s findings. 31% of surveyees said they practice quality over quantity through ‘slow dating.

Emotional intimacy over physical connection

For Bumble daters seeking a relationship, emotional intimacy is more vital than ever. In fact, 32% said they find emotional intimacy more attractive than a physical connection and prioritize it over sex.

A whopping 78% of women want a partner who understands not either physical or emotional intimacy, but both. The future’s looking bright.

Open and vulnerable masculinity

Can 2024 be the year masculinity transforms? Bumble seems to think so.

Their survey found that a quarter of men worldwide claim to have altered their behavior and become more vulnerable with partners than ever.

On top of this, 32% agreed that openness and vulnerability were key to a successful and long-lasting relationship.

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The Results? Authenticity, Openness, and Deep Connection

Could Bumble’s 2024 dating predictions be the antidote to our overwhelming current cultural climate?

As Shan Boodram, Bumble’s sex and relationship expert, stated in the survey’s press release, “It is exciting to see people continue to lean into self-acceptance and vulnerability as the foundation of healthy and equitable relationships. When we are kinder to ourselves, we are able to make more meaningful, purposeful, and intentional connections both online and in real life."

With self-kindness, vulnerability, and emotional intimacy taking center stage, dating in 2024 is looking hot and healthy to us. And if you’re looking for love (or a casual hook-up), don’t miss our essential online dating tips.

Happy New Year!