6 Benefits of Manscaping That Might Surprise You

Are you wondering Should I shave my balls? but worrying that ‘manscaping’ is ‘unmanly’? Take that thought out of your head immediately! However you decide to trim, shave, or style, there are many different benefits of manscaping that can make it worth your while.

Is manscaping worth it? Totally! Let’s get into the reasons why.

What is ‘manscaping’?

Manscaping is the term given to removing or trimming hair on a male body for cosmetic purposes. It applies to hair alteration on the chest, armpits, genitals, and more.

Regardless of gender, no one should feel like they have to alter their body to look a certain way or fit into a trend.

But, is manscaping worth it? Trimming and styling body hair can be a fun and empowering way to explore your aesthetic, see your body in new ways, boost confidence, and even add new layers to your sex life.

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Is Manscaping Worth It? 6 Benefits That Might Surprise You

1. Improved appearance 

Beauty is subjective. But removing some body hair and styling or shaping what’s left can make your body look more toned, defined, and shapely.

Plus, there are lots of aesthetic possibilities to explore when it comes to hair. Styling your body hair can be a great way to self-express and find a style that’s sporty, smart, edgy, bohemian, rugged, femme - or just one that suits you.

2. You’ll look bigger down there

One of the main benefits of manscaping? Less hair down means less ‘stuff’ obscures your junk, creating the impression that your manhood is bigger than it really is.

We all know that size isn’t everything, but if you do want to appear larger, manscaping is a quick way to do that. 

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3. You’ll sweat less

While hair serves important functions on the human body, like protection and warmth, it also makes us sweat more.

Everyone sweats, but some people aren’t fans of its effects, like odour, wetness, iappearance or its ability to ruin new clothing.

Trimming or removing hair on your body will reduce the amount of sweat there - and let your antiperspirant do its job better. 

4. Cleanliness

As well as encouraging sweat, body hair can also be a good breeding ground for dead skin cells, urine, and other bacteria, making it unhygienic if not regularly washed.

This can be enhanced by exercise, hot weather, sex, and not showering or bathing.

Having a little less hair down there and across other body parts, lessens your chances of getting infections, odors, redness, itching and random rashes, because bacteria find it harder to find a home on a smooth surface.

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5. Increased sexual sensation

When it comes to pubic hair, you should do what’s best for you. Some people like a full bush, while others prefer to go bald. It’s your choice.

But it is true that trimming or removing pubic hair increases genital sensitivity and enhances sexual sensation because it removes a barrier between your genitals and your partner, hand, or whatever solo pleasure device you’re using.

Should you shave your balls? There’s something about smoothness that can feel extra sensual, and you can limit discomfort that can arise from hair-on-hair action (you know what we mean).

6. Confidence!

Feeling good in your own skin shouldn’t be underrated, and it’s one of the most significant benefits of manscaping.

While manscaping doesn’t make anyone and everyone look better, there is a correlation between increased confidence and men who proactively decide to pay attention to their appearance and hygiene.

In general, presenting a more considered version of yourself equals more confidence, and usually more personal and professional success.

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Are you wondering Should I shave my balls? What will people think?

Never judge yourself for wanting to look and feel a little better. There are many benefits of manscaping, and you can cut, trim, shave, wax, and style however much or little as you want.