6 Exercises For Better Sex - Squat Your Way to Satisfaction

Sex is a workout. And many of us know this because we’ve experienced the cramps, leg tiredness, and back strain that sometimes accompanies, and spoils, great sex. Luckily, there are lots of workouts for better sex that you can do at home. And we’ve rounded up 6 of the best exercises for sex, just for you!

The best exercises for sex - improve performance, pleasure, and confidence.

Being fit, strong, and flexible is essential for having your best ever sex because during sex our bodies are physically exerting. When you’re having a hot session (not to mention getting to the weird positions you like) your muscles are intensely working, as well as your heart - to get that blood flowing everywhere, and lungs.

Couple exercising in gym

So if you want to get the most out of sex, work these 6 exercises for better sex into your next routine. Watch your pleasure and performance rocket sky high and have your lover making more noise than ever.

The 6 exercises for better sex you can do from your bedroom.

1. Squats.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and straighten your arms out in front of you.
  • Slowly bend at the knees and lower your butt to the floor (like you’re slowly sitting down on a toilet seat). Keep your back straight and strong, and keep your core engaged - in other words, suck your tummy in!
  • Pause at the bottom and slowly push yourself up from your heels. Repeat as many times as you want.

Works: Butt, core, and thighs.
Improves sex because: Thigh and butt strength helps with woman on top positions, meaning you can go for longer and thrust better. Plus your butt will look amazing! Check out more butt exercises on our blog.

Woman squatting outside

2. Glute bridges.

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent, and rest your arms by your side, palms facing down.
  • Slowly push through your heels, raising your pelvic into the air (like a gradual upward thrust). Keep your core engaged and think about your spine peeling off the floor one vertebra at a time. Keep your shoulders and upper back on the mat.
  • When you reach the top, squeeze your glutes, then slowly peel back down, and repeat.

Works: Pelvic floor, hamstrings, and glutes.
Improves sex because: You’ll maintain strength and stamina when serious thrusting is happening, and strong legs mean you’ll be able to stay in adventurous positions for longer.

Woman in bridge pose exercising

3. Hip Swivel.

  • Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and legs very slightly bent.
  • Start by sticking out your left hip, then slowly thrust your pelvis forward while tucking your lower back under slightly.
  • Then rotate to stick out your right hip, and then move to the back by sticking out your butt. Your chest will be popping out in the opposite direction to your hips.
  • You are essentially rotating your hips in a slow-motion hula hoop style.
  • Keep your core engaged, and repeat.

Works: Core, and loosens your hips and butt.
Improves sex because: Your rhythm will get better and being able to work your hips means you’ll rock any woman on top position.

Woman exercising with hula hoop

4. Hand plank to forearm plank.

  • Get into a plank position on the floor. You should be on your front, legs straight out with your hands on the ground underneath your shoulders, and eyes facing down. You should feel your core working.
  • Slowly lift your right hand and place your right forearm on the ground, then do the same with the left arm. Your elbows should be directly beneath your shoulders.
  • Slowly lift each arm to take you back to your original (higher up) plank position.
  • Repeat, changing which arm goes first each time.

Works: Shoulders, arms, and core.
Improves sex because: You’ll be better at staying in any position that requires you to lean back on your arms, and strong arms are never not good for foreplay...

Woman exercising in plank pose

5. Weight Deadlift.

Note: this one requires weights, so grab whichever size suits you.

  • Stand with your feet hip or shoulder-width apart, and knees soft.
  • Hold your weights in front of your body at the front of your thighs, and facing your body.
  • Keeping your back straight, slowly hinge forward at the waist. With straight arms, lower the weights towards the floor until you feel your hamstrings stretch.
  • Go as far down as is comfortable. Then slowly peel back up to a standing position. Repeat.

Works: Arms, hamstrings, and lower back.
Improves sex because: A mobile lower back helps with standing up sex positions. Stretchy hamstrings mean you can throw your legs behind your head whatever your age. Workout sex? Easy!

Woman lifting weights in gym

6. Kegels.

  • You can do these anywhere and in almost any position, but being sat down with a straight back is best.
  • Contract your pelvic muscles. This should feel like you are holding in a pee, or squeezing a tampon, and slightly pulling it upwards.
  • While gently breathing, hold this for 5 seconds. Let go, and repeat.

Works: Pelvic muscles.
Improves sex because: The stronger your pelvic muscles, the better your orgasms. These also help women stay “tight down there”, and if you can flex this muscle during sex, it can create unexpected pleasure for you and your partner. 

Woman in sitting yoga pose

By practicing these exercises for better sex every week, you can watch your body transform into the sexpert you always knew it was.

Try these 6 workout sex exercises today, because if amazing sex isn’t a reason to exercise, then I don’t know what is.