Pantydeal Podcast - Episode 2: What does it take to be a successful panty seller?

Author: DragonLady22
Published: July 31th 2019

So now that you've signed up to sell your used panties on Pantydeal what next?

What does it take to be successful in this work?

Everyone who decides to sell on Pantydeal will have a different level of experience and background related to sales; however, it's more than possible for you to follow these guidelines and begin selling with confidence and ease.

There's a well-known saying that if you want to get good in a particular area that you pay attention to what the successful people are doing. How do they show up? What mindset and beliefs do they have? If you want to be the best, you have to emulate the best.

When I first began selling panties on PantyDeal, I paid particular attention to what the biggest and most successful sellers were doing. I'm going to share with you some of the best things you can do if you want to succeed.

Be You.

The most important thing to remember overall is that people buy from people. Many buyers will want to get to know you a little better before purchasing from you. For that reason, don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. We are all unique people! Many sellers feel they have to come across a certain way and are scared to be too much of themselves. In my experience, most buyers prefer the real deal over something fake and made up!

hand holding a sign with the message be you tiful

You can be you in your communication with buyers on the site, in your profile description, your shop items, and your postings. It's much more interesting to stand out from the crowd than be the same as everyone else. Play around with it and see what you feel comfortable with.

Take some time to think about what makes you different. How can you stand out from other sellers? What is unique about you? That can be your unique selling point. It pays to use your best strengths and utilize them to build your panty-selling business.

It would be very dull if all sellers were exactly the same! That goes for what you are selling too. You can be creative with your offers and come up with things that other sellers aren't offering. What do you do that is different, and why should buyers consider buying from you? That's a question to ask yourself when you are conveying yourself on Pantydeal. Build your brand!

Your brand is how you come across, and it's what will ultimately attract your customers. Try different approaches, different styles of adverts, different picture adverts, etc. Have fun with it! The more fun you are having, the more this will come across in your work.

Pantydeal contests are also an excellent opportunity to stand out and get noticed. Be creative and don't be afraid to inject some of your personality into it.

Show up.

It goes without saying that if you want to be successful as a seller, you need to show up here on Pantydeal. Of course, one of the advantages of this work is that you can suit yourself with regards to your hours. However, as with any online business, the more you put in, the more you get out. The more time you invest in your business, the more profitable it will be.

Most successful sellers will log in and connect with buyers and post items at different times throughout the day and week.

unique sign

Depending on where you are in the world, you will get to know the 'busier' times of the day for you. As Pantydeal supplies to a global market, there will always be buyers online you can connect with. You can start your global panty-selling empire! I have sold to buyers in many different countries across the world. The opportunities are endless, so make sure you are taking the time to log in and connect!

There's no need to be online 24/7. Just commit to the time you do have to spend selling and stick to it.


Yes, selling panties online is easy. But it also requires some work. If you're anything like me, you may have figured that all you had to do was post your items and wait for the sales to come flooding in.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that.

Most sellers have to be prepared to dedicate some time to building trust and confidence with buyers and communicating with potential customers. It's tempting to want to give up at the first hurdle when you realize that it's more work than you anticipated!

The most successful panty sellers show tenacity. Be persistent in your efforts, and they will definitely pay off. Sellers who are prepared to put in work to build their profile and make sales are the ones who will succeed. The ones who don't have any time, energy or inclination are the ones who are more likely to struggle and perhaps give up, telling themselves that selling isn't for them.

Remember to have fun with it!

Spend Your Time Wisely.

Successful panty sellers also spend their time effectively.

woman tipping in her computer selling her panties

You may discover quite quickly that it's simply not enough to post in the main wall over and over again all through the day. While this approach will work for a few sales here and there, the most successful panty sellers know that to make sales, they need to reach out to customers and make contact.

There are several ways to do this on Pantydeal:

  1. Send the buyer a friend request. Take time to read the profile first to get to know whether you may have something the buyer is interested in. Some buyers will be very specific in their profile description, which helps you to see whether you are a good match.
  2. Send a sticker. This is a fun way to reach out to someone to let them know you exist and make contact. Most of the time, you will receive one back. 's’s a useful conversation starter.
  3. Send them a message. If you want to get to know someone a bit better, you can message them directly. However, please keep in mind, most buyers will not appreciate a message asking them to buy, so it's a good idea not to do this. There are plenty of ways to start a conversation. Show a genuine interest in the buyer and their interests.
  4. Welcome new buyers. You can reach out to new buyers who have just joined the site to welcome them. This creates an excellent first impression.
  5. Visit the profile of those who have visited your profile. Chances are if they've taken a look, they are interested in what you may have to offer.

There are many options available on the site to get connected with potential customers. The overview is just one of these options. Take your time, explore the site, and see how you can best use it to make contact with prospective customers.

If you can't devote a lot of time to selling (due to other commitments), it makes sense to make the best use of the time you do have.

Don't make the mistake of busy-ness, thinking you are working. For example, 's’s easy to get carried away having fun making creative adverts for your shop, but ask yourself whether that is the best use of your time! Could that time be better spent reaching out to customers?

Have Confidence in Yourself.

It's common to feel overwhelmed or daunted when you first join Pantydeal, particularly if you are new to selling.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone started where you are now. Everyone has to begin somewhere. Try not to be put off if you are new. Have faith and confidence in yourself. You have to remind yourself (sometimes daily) that you have what it takes just as much as every other seller. Even sellers who have been selling for a long time still have days where they doubt themselves.

sexy woman holding a mobile phone

For that reason, it's good to connect with other sellers. Join the community and don't feel left out. When you have other sellers to talk to you feel more involved and see that everyone struggles with the same hang-ups.

It's easy to feel alone, but the good news is there are plenty of sellers on Pantydeal who are all about community and want you to feel welcome and involved.

Introduce yourself to other sellers and make new friends. It's important if you are going to sell that you feel worthy. Sounds a bit weird, but a common belief held by new sellers is that they should price themselves lower as they think because they're new they can't charge as much as other sellers.

Successful panty sellers on Pantydeal charge in line with other sellers and don't price themselves too low. It's essential to think long-term. Pricing too low might work as an initial strategy but ask yourself whether it's sustainable long-term.

It pays to have a long-term view when it comes to selling.

The Pick Themselves Up, Dust Themselves Off.

We all have quiet days or even weeks. When you've been selling for a while, you will see that there are busier times and quieter times of the week, month and even year! It's important not to be despondent on days or weeks when you don't make a sale.

If you are experiencing a lull in sales, take it as an opportunity to update your shop or take new pictures for your profile. Don't let a decrease in sales throw you off your long-term vision of selling panties. All sellers have up days and down days.

Successful panty sellers don't let themselves be put off by the down days.

The same goes for sales that don't go through. It's important to get over lost sales or negative experiences quickly so that you can move on. If you let disappointment get to you, it will impact future sales. Just remember, there are plenty more fish in the panty buying sea!

sexy woman taking a selfie for pantydeal

Every sales experience you have, whether it results in a sale or not, is a learning experience.

The more people you interact with, the better you get at selling!

All good sellers are used to being rejected. It's part of the sales learning curve. Embrace it. See if you can even look forward to it! Just remember the valuable skills you are learning in this work.

It's important not to let things get to you. Again, a supportive fellow seller can make all the difference in helping you.

Professional Approach.

If you want to be taken seriously as a seller, you must put effort and professionalism into your work. Make sure any photos are well taken and that your shop items are well-written. When you engage with customers, be professional and courteous. Offer a good level of customer service. First impressions are important. Buyers will remember the sellers who provided a first-class service. Again, think long-term. If you want to create return buyers, offer a great buying experience.

These are just some of the ways you can ensure your success as a Pantydeal seller. The good news is that it's not difficult.

What comes next on your panty-selling journey? Learn how to write a bio that attracts buyers and shows off your assets.