Raw, Freaky, and Powerful: How Pantydeal Sellers Are Transforming Their Sex Lives

Running a successful used panty business requires time, an open mind, and an eye for business.

But selling used panties comes with many perks, including financial independence, the freedom to manage your own time and be your own boss, community and connection, increased body positivity and an enhanced understanding of sexuality, gender identity, and, of course, kinks and fetishes.

So, how could working as a Pantydeal seller impact your sex life? We spoke to some of PD’s most experienced sellers, and this is what they told us.

Woman stretching in bed with bodysuit

I have never felt more empowered

"I have never felt more empowered with my sex life than I have with selling panties. And to be honest, I feel like I have explored new areas of my sexuality in the prime of my life!" - Bellaforu

I absolutely love my scent!

"Selling panties has impacted my sex life in the most positive way... it has given me the confidence to explore my sexuality and desires that I don't feel like would have been possible without... I absolutely love my scent, smelling/tasting panties! It all turns me on so much now, I totally get it." - Tayyy11

I’ve always struggled with insecurities…

"I have always considered myself very average or below average in appearance and have struggled my whole life with insecurities, so I have been genuinely shocked at how complimentary people have been. It has brought me so much more confidence which impacts all aspects of my life, including my sex life. It has really brought out a whole new side to me, which I am very grateful for." - Alwayswetforu

Feet of couple in white bed in morning

I jump on my husband as soon as he gets home

"YES! Knowing someone is going to enjoy my panties turns me on, I end up jumping on my husband as soon as he gets home, much more now!" - HarlowsRoom

I have a whole new way of experiencing and looking at sex

"I actually find myself to be a lot more sexual since I began selling, because this line of work has given me the confidence boost that I needed so badly before! I totally feel more comfortable in my body now than I ever have… and more comfortable with exploring new things sexually - or trying a whole new way of looking at sex and experiencing sex in general." - peachthereal

If anything, it’s making me more perverted!

"Every day, I discover something about myself I might not have known. Everyone who takes home a part of me is so unique and diverse. If anything, it’s just making me more perverted!" - Archancel

Woman smiling and showing hand at home in bed

I’m much more confident in my body

"I'm much more confident in my body now. I have wobbly bits and stretch marks but I've finally accepted them." - Charlie302

Sex is on my mind all day, every day

"I've always been very sexual, but selling panties has allowed me to explore new things I had never thought of before, realizing people kinks and I essentially have sex on my mind all day, every day. I am bi-sexual and have to have at least 2 orgasms a day or I turn into a brat." - Glitzntitz

I’m rawer and freakier!

"Absolutely! I have become more open and freer. I'm more relaxed and laid back. Rawer and freakier!!!" - Cookies10k

Close up black and white woman pulling panties away from skin

Here at Pantydeal, you decide how to run your panty business. And you get out what you put in. Start selling today, meet like-minded people, make money, and watch your sex life blossom.