"I buy for the thrill of it" - Interview with a Used Panties Buyer

Pantydeal was lucky enough to go behind the scenes with regular used panty buyer Wolf_Ohmsford. What does he have to say about the perfect panty seller and about misconceptions around this fetish? Read on to find out!

Man taking off woman's panties

PD: How long have you been buying used panties?

Been buying panties for a little over 4 years now.

PD: When did you first realize you had a used panty fetish?

I learned of it when in my teens I used to dog sit for my next-door neighbor who had a daughter about my age where I would smell her panties.

PD: For people who are new to the fetish… why buy used panties? 

For those who are new to the fetish, it's more than just buying, it's building friendships with the sellers. I buy for the thrill of it, knowing that I am learning about my favorite sellers and their fetishes too.

PD: How does your fetish impact the rest of your life? Do you keep it a secret?

My life has been impacted, I think, for the better, for, while I may never meet the sellers directly, I feel I have formed long-lasting friendships with them. Though I haven't shared my fetish with those close to me in real life.

PD: What’s the highest amount of money you’ve paid for panties?

The highest amount I paid for panties is $100, for white silk panties, 3 day wear in a bidding contest.

Man opening package

PD: Does the novelty of a new panty wear off after a while? Or does each pair stay exciting?

The novelty of panty wear does wear off once in a while, but that's what makes sellers great. They don't sell just panties, but other options too that can divert my attention for the time being.

PD: How often do you buy a new pair of used panties?

I typically buy 3 to 4 pairs a month.

PD: What do you look for in a seller? And what would turn you off a seller?

I look at the profile picture, if I like what I see, I go to their page and read more about them. If I see a lot of the same or similar writing like how selling their smell is a real turn on, I move on to the next seller. I am more interested in who they are. As for what turns me off, being a nonsmoker, seeing a profile about smoking and/or getting a pair of panties that stink of cigarettes.

PD: How do you feel about the sellers you buy panties from? Do you enjoy having a close relationship with them, or do you prefer anonymity?

I enjoy getting to know the sellers on a more intimate level. I feel as though I buy more because of it. I sometimes ask if there is something that she wanted to try, but no one asks for it, then I ask for it without any limits.

PD: What do you think is the most common misconception about this fetish?

The most common misconception might be that it's sexual exploitation. I see it as just two (sometimes more if sellers team up) consenting adults buying and selling clothing.

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