Video Storytime - Miss-Lillyxxx Interview - Her experience selling panties.

Usually, we receive requests that want to know more about how the panty business work. So what's better to learn and understand how Pantydeal works that speak with one seller.

Miss_Lillyxxx has been on Pantydeal more than 2 years now, and there are to limit to her. She is on the podium of the best sellers, and after watching this video, you will understand why.

If you want to know how has been her experience so far, know about one of the most uniques requests she has had, or her advice for new sellers, don't miss the video.

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Hi everyone, I am Miss_Lillyxxx here on I love to be outdoors, go fishing, go camping, go to the beach and more or less in the winter I love to stay indoors. Watching movies or on video games.

Pantydeal: How has been your experience so far?

Miss_Lillyxxx: When I started school, I started to do some webcaming, I decided to give it a try. It was going on right, and I had a customer who asked me for my used panties. And of course, I said yes cause I really liked it! So I wanted to know more. Do other people do this? So I did a research of “used panties”, and the first result was So the rest was history!

PD: What has been your funniest story on

ML: You can believe or not, but OMG! This was so funny. I got a request for a picture set, but an average picture set. He asked me to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex... I thought at that moment “It can't be real, this guy is just joking.” But not he was 100% serious and, did I do it? Of course, I did it! Who will pass off that offer? It was kind of embarrassing, but it was funny, it was a good story to tell. That pictures set is long gone, I am not going to let anybody else see that.

PD: How has the panty selling affected your sex life?

ML: My sex life, since I started on Pantyeal, has definitely been better. It has been awesome. I am a lot more open, I now know things that I like, but I never knew that I did. Or that you ever never think to experiment. It has just been really good. My partner has also opened a lot, it is awesome.

PD: What is the secret for your success?

ML: For having a good, successful business on Pantydeal, I think it takes a lot of hard work, quality products and just keeps your customer returning. What are your goals? You don't want just one time customers, you want a customer to come back for more and more. If you give them quality products, they are going to stay with you. And that is income, you can always count it on. New buyers are great, but return buyers are even better.

PD: What is your advice for new sellers?

ML: For new sellers, I will stress on licking up with other sellers, to get the ins and outs. We all want to work together, we are a team, and we are here to help each other, we are all new ones. I definitely try to recommend to get to know some of the sellers, and also I would say to ask for a review after your sale, because the more reviews you have, the more buyers are going to contact you because they are sure that you are not going to scam them.

PD: Your message for Pantydeal users.

ML: Pantydeal is definitely the one site that I would stick with. I have been here for a few years selling, I have tried others, but they don't work out. Maybe I lost a month on them, and then I realized that they don't have the quality that I want. I highly recommend Pantydeal, you can get good friends here from both sides, sellers and buyers. It has been a really good experience for all.