Being a Disabled Sex Worker: Seller Stories

Author: chronicgoddess
Published: September 15th 2020

Sex work has made my life better - by more than just adding money to my pocket.

I am disabled. I physically cannot work a “normal” job. I have always had a secret sexual side of me and started sex work briefly at 18/19, and then briefly again at 22. Now at 25, sex work is my work - full time (besides some other part-time online social work ). Yes, sex work is real work, despite so many people believing that’s not true…

So, for any naysayers, let me show you how sex work has been the best job I have ever had - and changed my world!

"Yes, sex work is real work."

As I said, sex work, for me, has not only given me the ability to have money in my pockets to pay for essential medication, it has given me the freedom and space to explore and love my unique body. You may find lots of beautiful other sex workers, maybe even some like me with bright colored hair and some tattoos… But I think you probably don't scroll & see many disabled sex workers, especially in comparison to the number of nondisabled sex workers there are.

How many sex workers have you seen with a feeding tube dangling from their stomach? Medical bracing? A wheelchair? Or scars from procedures and surgeries that kept them alive?


There was a point in time a few months ago where I was hospitalized due to a tube that had been placed in my heart, through my chest, getting infected. And yet, even though I had that tube and numerous other tubes, I never once have had any rude comments about any of my medical “appearances". And while hospitalized I was still able to generate income through my platforms, even though I wasn’t creating content.

"Sex work is about celebrating everyone's individuality."

Being a sex worker has made me see the beauty in all the things that others once made me believe were “flaws”. Sex work, I believe, is about celebrating everyone's individuality… and there is nothing more beautiful and hopeful than that, especially for anyone who's wanting to join the sex work family, but is worried about their looks.

Oh! Did I also mention that I get to sometimes cum AND get paid?!