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Savana Styles, the French-Canadian actress, not only has her own production company but has also won numerous talent awards in the adult film industry. She has achieved fame in recent years thanks to her hard work and persistence.

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Savana Styles

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Sexy and professional.

The actress has an extensive career, and her success has enabled her to break the US adult film industry. With humble roots, the Canadian decided to move to Montreal at the age of 26 to pursue her modeling career. During that time, she also worked as a nutritionist and trainer. This woman has it all!

Despite French being her mother tongue, Savana feels comfortable speaking English, and this has helped her to grow in the American industry. In her movies she is known for her dominating and MILF roles.

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Another unique feature of Savana Styles is her tattooed body, which she confesses has actually caused her some problems regarding getting parts in certain movie productions.

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